Distress Relief: Imphal

On Tuesday, 09 Feb 2021, a team from Ramakrishna Mission, Imphal, reached out to the villagers of Ze-Mnui, popularly known as ‘Yangkhullen: the Hanging village of Manipur’ in Senapati District, at a distance of 135 Kms from Imphal, which takes around 4 hrs drive to reach there.

This remotely located, historic & traditional village, surrounded by natural beauty, is built like a fortress over a hill slope said to be slanted almost to a 90-degree angle and thus came to be known as ‘the Hanging Village’. All the residents of the village belong to the Zemei tribe, who still follow their age-old customs & traditions. There are also some prohibitions regarding visiting & photography inside the village.

Overall 60 males, 50 females & 50 children were provided with clothing material (Jackets, Trousers, Tops & T-shirts). Some stationery items & snacks were also given to the children.

This whole visit was possible only due to the initiatives of Miss. Suinila Joseph, a trained nurse by profession and a humanitarian by passion, who, coming to know about the centre’s relief services, approached them to conduct relief in the said village and then through her contacts, communicated & co-ordinated with the village authorities and got necessary permissions for the centre to visit, take pictures, etc.

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