COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services: Indore

Ramakrishna Mission, Indore distributed ration kits to 300 needy and poor families including 20 Auto rickshaw drivers in June 2021. Each kit distributed contained  Wheat Flour: 10 Kg,  Rice: 5 kg, Tual Dal: 1 Kg,  Masoor Dal: 1 Kg, Edible Oil: 1 Ltr, and  Sugar: 5 kg.

The Indore Mission is distributing food packets to the home-isolated from 7 May 2021. As of 27 May 2021,  the centre has served 1882 food packets (Roti, Sabji, Rice, Dal, Papad Katran, Bundi, Cookies). The centre distributed Fruits and Biscuit packets to Patients at Govt. Maharaja Tukojirao Holkar Hospital, Indore.

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