Distribution of Grocery Kits: Dhaleshwar, Agartala

Ramakrishna Mission Dhaleswar, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic second wave, distributed 1200 Kg. Rice, 600 Kg. Pulses, 120 Kg. Soybean, 12 Kg. Spices, 120 Ltr. Edible oil, 600 Kg. Onion, 600 Kg. Potatoes, 240 Kg. Salt, 120 Ltr Milk, 12 Kg. Tea Leaves, 4800 no s Multi-Vitamin Capsules, 360 no s Soaps, 120 Pack& Biscuits, and 120 nos Dhuti among 120 families of  Majlishpur- Mohanpur Sub-Div.- Jirania and Vill: Narsingarh, Sub-Div.- Mohanpur and Dhaleswar of West Tripura District from 6 June to 20 June 2021.

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