Distribution of Grocery Kits | Porbandar

Covid Relief by Ramakrishna Mission, Porbandar, in May-June 2021

In May and June 2021, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Memorial, Porbandar distributed 270 ration kits to Covid affected families of Porbandar City, mainly in Kadiya plot, Mill para, Zundala, Jhuri bagh, Kharvaa vad, Chhaya, Kolivad.

The following items were distributed :

Edible oil 350 lts, Bajra 950 kgs, Rice 500 kgs, Sugar 350 kgs, Tea 87.50 kgs, Moong Dal 250kgs,Salt 250 Kgs, Chana Dal 150 Kgs, Wheat Flour 750 kgs, Washing soap 200 pcs, Bathing soap 200 pcs, Toothpaste 100 pcs, Tongue Cleaner 100 pcs, Biscuits 200 packets.


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