Durga Puja 2018 : Amantran and Adhivas

Adhivas and Amantran on the Shasthi Tithi, at Belur Math, during Durga Puja on 15 Oct 2018.

Adhivas and Amantran : These rites follow Bodhan. Adhivas means ”invocation”. Through Bodhan the Devi has awakened: now the awakened Devi has to be invoked in the Bel tree or branch of the tree. Adhivas is also a ritual of sanctification. The actual ritual consists of the following main steps.

    • Devi Durga and the Bel tree are first worshipped
    • Twenty-six sacramental things (mangalik dravya) are sanctified by touching Devi Durga and the Bel tree with them.
    • To ward off evil effects, a red coloured thread is tied around the altar where Puja is done.

The above ritual is followed by Amantran which literally means ”invitation”. Through this rite the Devi is invited or entreated to accept the Puja the next day (Saptami).

After this, Devi is worshipped with five items and Arati is done to Her.

Download from Google Photos : https://photos.app.goo.gl/zN9wn4wJrYB99qK38

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