Project on Emotional Well-Being of Kids during COVID-19 (Video)

Awarded 1st Prize by QuickBase for applying innovative technologies for social good

Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, had been actively conducting various service activities at our Meyyur Rural Unit during the Covid-19 lockdown.  According to the data from Psychiatry Research, Covid-19 lockdowns in India had taken a significant emotional toll on the more than 40 million children who come from poor, rural families.

In order to address this need, Chennai Math created a project called WeMindYou Project, that protects Emotional Well-Being of Young Minds (underprivileged children) in association with RKM Meyyur Rural Unit Co-ordinators.

The project has 3 stages in cyclical order:
Stage 1: Assess the mental condition of the children who attend our campus activities and online classes using facial analysis through cameras. This is substantiated using psychological questionnaires filled by the children.
Stage 2: Identify children with negative emotions and empower them with personalized body-mind integration techniques such as Yoga and meditation programs.
Stage 3: Verify the improvement to their emotional quotient using brain sensors (EEG Brain computer devices).

This project was created by our in-house Media Lab team using Quickbase (USA) platform.
QuickBase awarded 1st Prize ($35,000) to Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, for this WeMindYou project. Quick Base Hackathon was a competition where 800+ partcipants from 14 different countries submitted there works, who are working for social good applying innovative technologies.

The funding will help us to procure and apply scientific tools and emerging technologies to alleviate the condition of rural children in Meyyur and replicate our learnings in other centers of the Ramakrishna Order.

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