Fire Relief : Puri Math, November 2023

Ramakrishna Math, Chakratirtha, Puri, Odisha

Four houses in a poor isolated area of the Sarangajodi village in Sakshigopal P.S. in Puri District (24 km away from Puri Math) had turned into ashes as these houses caught fire supposedly from an evening oil-lamp in front of a family deity.

Ramakrishna Math, Puri, visited the houses, enquired their immediate need and helped them by distributing the following items to each of three families as immediate help, on 1 November 2023:  Blankets 2 pcs, Saree 1 pc, Rice 10 kg, Atta 5 kg, Dal 1 kg, Mustard Oil 1 kg, Soyabean Chunks 2 kg, Salt 1 kg.

The fourth family, not as poor as others, has received a ration kit containing the groceries.


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