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Flood Relief Service : Kalady, October 2018

In continuation of the Kerala Flood Relief Work, Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Ashrama has distributed stationary materials at flood affected Schools.

01 October – 06 October 2018

During the period of 01 to 06 October 2018,  the Ashrama has distributed stationery to 7610 Children in 15 Schools. Stationery distributed are Wax Crayons Packs, Pen, Geometry Box, 4 Line Copy Book, Drawing Book, Ruled Big 192 Pages, Ruled Medium 92 Pages, 2 line big copy book, 2 line small copy book, Maths Note Book Big, Maths Note Book Small, Unruled Book. One copy of Chicago Address was also given to each children.T he total number of stationeries distributed are 1,05,557.

for 01-10-2018
for 03-10-2018
for 04-10-2018

08 October 2018 to 12 October 2018

The Ashrama continued the distribution of the ITC Educational and Stationery items. In addition, the Ashrama gave Chicago Address/Call to the nation (English and Malayalam) for all and Wax crayons for KG children from Kalady Centre from 08-10-2018 to 12-10-2018. During this period the Ashrama distributed Stationeries to 7272 students at 13 schools. We have distributed total of 52,128 stationery materials amongst them. During this period we distributed Stationeries to 7272 students at 13 schools. The Ashrama has distributed total of 52,128 stationery materials among them.

The Ashrama also conducted a small Value Education session for 10 minutes in each school.

Photos :
for 08-10-2018
for 09-10-2018–KZEunLiNFRVA2N0zRsooLbZmVJ_
for 10-10-2018
for 11-10-2018
for 12-10-2018


Total  project report – Schools – 48, Beneficiaries – 20,807, Material – 3,09,242

01 October – 06 October 2018

08 October – 12 October 2018


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