Lectures on Swamiji’s Ideas About Leadership : Chandigarh

Ramakrishna Mission, Chandigarh organised programmes for the youth, on 8 and 9 Aug ’19,  at three venues in Chandigarh. Sri Sharad Vivek Sagar was the main speaker at the venues. His brilliant exposition on Swami Vivekananda’s ideas about leadership qualities, commitment to service and National Development were well received. Details of the programmes are as follows:

  1. On 8 Aug, morning, at Strawberry Fields, a prestigious Educational Institution followed by question & answer session which was attended by 400 students. In the evening he addressed the students from St Vivekananda Millennium School, the Ashrama’s hostel students, reading room members and devotees in the newly built Meditation Hall on Service as a way of life which was attended by more than 250 participants.
  2. 9 Aug morning at the Panjab Engineering College on Entrepreneurship and challenges based on Swamiji’s ideas of leadership which were attended by 200 students and faculty.
  3. 9 Aug, evening, at Panjab University on Education and Leadership Development organised by departments of Education, Management and Centre for Swami Vivekananda Studies. This was attended by about 150 students and faculty.

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