Medical Camp at Langalbandh, Bangladesh, 24 March 2018

Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka, arranged a free Medical Camp on 24 March, 2018, to serve the devotees converged at Langalbandh, Narayanganj, a great place of pilgrimage for a dip in the holy water of the Brahmaputra, on the occasion of Ashtami Snana. Monastic member of Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka, 2 doctors (Dr. Abhisek Bhadra & Dr. Sabyasachi Roy) and two volunteers (Pintu and Jayanta) rendered services in this program. A total number of 95 devotees and general patient took medical advice and treatment. Medicines were also served to the health care receivers free of cost.

The occasion of holy dip, popularly known as Ashtami Snana, takes place on a particular date—the eighth day of the bright fortnight in the Bengali month of Chaitra (between mid-March and mid-April). In this connection the memorable event of Swami Vivekananda’s bath in the holy water of Brahmaputra at Langalbandha, on 27 March, 1901, on the occasion of the Budhashtami, is worth to mention.



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