Medical Camp in Rural Areas of Medinipur, March 2018

Ramakrishna Mission Arogyaniketan, Midnapore, a medical unit run by Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Midnapore has been serving the poor and afflicted people of backward section of the society for more than 60 years. Apart from regular medical service in the Arogyaniketan with the help of 8 qualified doctors (4 of them are specialists) the Ashrama organise occasional medical camps in rural tribal jungle mahal areas (excluding 2 rural dispesaries and 2 regular monthly medical camps). Recently the Ashrama hold 2 free medical camps at Madhupur, a predominantly backward tribal jungle mahal area of the district, with the help of 19 specialist doctors. 2157 patients were treated (medicine- 1466, paediatric- 196, gynaecology- 108, dental -77, eye-310, Cataract- 68, ECG & blood sugar detection- 101).Medicines were supplied free of cost to the patients.


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