National Youth Day 2018, Kalady

National Youth Day, 2018, was celebrated  at Kalady Ashrama. Competitions, youth rally, procession, stage functions, prize distributions were carried out. All the events went on well  with enthusiastic performance and participation of youths and children.

The procession began at 10.15 am. A special Chariot of Swamiji was made for the occasion. Arati to Swamiji was performed admits Chanting of Rudraprshanah.   Nearly 1500 Youths, Children, 60 Teachers and 50 devotees participated in the procession. The procession went through the heart of the Kalady town covering about 2 Kms distance.  NCC cadets gave  the guard of honor and  led the procession.

  Following are the highlights of youth and children in procession –

1) Group of Children bearing the Placards of Sayings of Swamiji and repeting them

2) Group of children with Saffron Flags and Swamiji face mask
3) Children in Thakur, Mother and Swamiji Costumes,
4) Pancavadyam, – with drums, horns and cymbals, a Kerala traditional  music band
5) Bicycle  rally

As the procession re entered Ashrama refreshments were served to one and all. One copy of Vivekananda literature was given to on and all to spread the powerful messages of Swamiji.  Around one lakh rupees worth copies were distributed.  In the afternoon a prize distribution function was held at 2.00 pm in Ashrama Auditorium.   Speeches about Swami Vivekananda was delivered. Prizes distributed for the winners of  125th Swamiji Chicago Address competitions,  Ernakulam District and Keral State level competitions. In the evening at 6.00 pm  near about 45 girl students accompanied by Teachers from near by school  came to the Ashrama and assembled at prayer hall. Short Speech was given about Swami Vivekananda  . Refreshment and One copy of Vivekananda literature was given to on and all to spread the powerful messages of Swamiji.

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