National Youth Day 2023: Chengalpattu

On 12 January 2023,  Ramakrishna Mission, Chengalpattu celebrated National Youth day.

The programme started in the morning with Pushpanjali to Swamiji at his statue in the school. The Chief Guest of the morning session Sri E.Suresh, District Educational Officer (Secondary) of Chengalpattu District flagged off the procession. The students and teachers of the ashrama-run school and the monastics of the Ashrama went on a procession carrying the portrait of Swamiji through the streets of Chengalpattu, reaching finally at the Chengalpattu Railway Station.

There are two plaques of Swamiji at the railway station explaining his brief talk to the public who came to welcome Swamiji home after his historic Chicago lecture at the Railway station. The centre distributed a small booklet on Swamiji’s teachings to the commuters at the railway station. After the Arati to the Holy Trio, Swami Vedapriyananda addressed the gathering of students and the general public about the significance of the day.

In the afternoon, the students, of all the schools under the Chengalpattu Mission, numbered more than 3000 assembled. Sri Kizhambur Sankara Subramanian, the editor of Kalai Magal, a longstanding Tamil monthly rendered his speech. Elocution completion, recitation competition, essay completion and drawing competition were conducted and prizes were given to the winners. The winners of the elocution competitions also spoke on the occasion.

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