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National Youth Day 2023: Chennai Mission

Ramakrishna Mission, Chennai celebrated National Youth Day was celebrated in a grand manner. Swamiji’s statues and photos in our schools were garlanded and flowers were offered.

Swamijis Bhajans were sung by our students and staff. Swamiji’s quotations were recited and speeches on Swamiji’s life and message were delivered by our students and staff. In all four schools students and staff participated in the function.

The Programme & Competitions held:

  1. Chicago Address – Tamil & English
  2. A Drama on “Life incidents of Swami Vivekananda”
  3. Swamiji’s letter to the youth of Chennai (Dated: 19.11.1894) was narrated by our school student choir through musical form “Villupattu”.
  4. Essay Writing Competition
  5. Recitation Competition
  6. Drawing Competition
  7. Fancy Dress Competition
  8. Oratorical Competition
  9. Elocution Competition

In our Main School and Matriculation School National Youth Day function Swami Yadunathanandaji participated as a Chief Guest and addressed our students on Swami Vivekananda’s Life and Teachings. In our South School Swami Shuddhabrahmanandaji and our Nursery and Primary School Swami Shravananandaji Maharaj participated in the function and addressed the students and staff.