National Youth day & J.J Goodwin 150th Year Birth Anniversary conclusion : Ooty

The conclusion ceremony of 150th year birth anniversary of J.J. Goodwin, the stenographer and disciple of Swami  Vivekananda was held at St.Thomas church cemetery by Ramakrishna math, Ooty in connection with the National youth day.

The program started with Vedic chanting followed by a short speech on Jesus Christ and Swami Vivekananda by Fr. Jerome of St. Thomas church.  Swami Divyanamananda spoke a few sentences about Chicago address and Universal religion.

Ramakrishna Math volunteer, Sri Sivadas spoke about the life history of J.J. Goodwin.
The program concluded with thanking all the people who attended the program and each one of the attendees were distributed with Guru bhakti Mikka Goodwin book that was published by Ramakrishna Math, Ooty in Tamil to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of J.J. Goodwin.

The association, as well as the importance of the work that was done by J.J. Goodwin on recording and highlighting Swamiji’s speeches, was remembered.

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