News Bulletin : 01 September 2020

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Revered President Maharaj is at Belur Math.

Swami Vagishananda ji is at Cossipore Math.

Swami Gautamananda ji continues to be in Jayrambati.

Swami Prabhananda ji is at Belur Math.

Swami Shivamayananda ji is at Kankurgachhi Math.

Swami Suhitananda ji is at Belur Math.

All of them are in good health.  They have no tour programme scheduled for September.

New Math Sub-centre

Following the taking over of Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda Educational Trust, Thanjavur, by the Ramakrishna Math, a sub-centre of Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, has been started there.

Ramakrishna Math,
Ramakrishna Math,
No. 3/254, Salaikkara Street,
Bhaskar Nellu Mandi Upstairs,
Mariyamman Koil & Post,
Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613 501

The new sub-centre has a campus in Thanjavur city as well at the following address:

Ramakrishna Math,
4A, Shivaji Nagar,
Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613 007.
Phone number: 98414 20588
Email id: [email protected]

Communication Addresses

Postal Address: The road on which our Shillong centre stands was renamed ‘Sebastian Bia Road’ some time back.  So, the postal address of the centre is

Ramakrishna Mission,
Sebastian Bia Road, Laitumkhrah,
Shillong, Meghalaya 793 003.

Phone/Fax Numbers: Aurangabad centre has discontinued its telephone connections: 237 7099 and 645 2114 and the fax connection: 237 6293.

Coimbatore Math has discontinued its telephone connection: 244 2990.  It has a new mobile telephone connection: 94442 56532.

The telephone number of Kozhikode centre has been changed from 232 0191 to 296 0191.  The centre has a new mobile telephone connection: 89506 15001.

Ranchi Sanatorium has discontinued its telephone connections: 229 0135 & 229 1023 and the telefax connection: 229 0149.  It has the following new mobile telephone connections: 94311 70005 and 79797 55442.

Website: Kasundia centre has launched a website with address: and Kozhikode centre with address:

New Mission Sub-centre

Amarkanan Sri Ramakrishna Sevadal Ashrama in Bankura district has been taken over by the Ramakrishna Mission, and a sub-centre of Ramharipur Ashrama has been started there.  The address of the sub-centre is :

Ramakrishna Mission,
P.O. Amarkanan, Dist. Bankura,
West Bengal 722 133

News of Branch Centres (in India)

The Residential College of Narendrapur Ashrama held the inaugural function of its diamond jubilee on 3 August.  Revered President Maharaj, the General Secretary, former Secretaries and Principals, teachers and others spoke on the occasion through videoconferencing.

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Karimganj, presented Chief Minister’s Best Community Action Award for Development to Karimganj centre on 15 August, Independence Day.

A class-12 student of Deoghar Vidyapith secured the first position in the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (Engineering) held this year.  Ms Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, and Ms Debasree Chaudhuri, Minister of State for Woman and Child Development, Govt of India, sent congratulatory messages to the boy.

In a speech competition conducted by a Chennai-based organization in August, a class-10 student of Chennai Sarada Vidyalaya school (Burkit Road) secured the first position at the zonal level and the third position at the state level.

The following centres conducted eye camps:

Sl. No. Centre Dates of camps Patients


Specs given Surgeries
no. performed at
1 Khetri 28 June 60 33
2 Manasadwip 22 & 23 August 115 13
3 Mumbai November to March 844 487 109 Our hospital in Mumbai
4 Rajkot June to August 290 190 Our eye care centre in Rajkot

Values Education and Youth Programmes

Delhi centre conducted 12 online workshops on values education in August. In all, 610 teachers from different parts of India attended these workshops.

Rajkot centre held a webinar on 23 August on the subject “Swami Vivekananda’s message for the modern youth” which was watched online by 1600 people.


School Results

The results obtained by the students of our schools at the Secondary (Class 10) and Higher Secondary (Class 12) Examinations, 2020, conducted by different education boards are given below.  (In all these figures, Star Marks means 75% or more marks, 1st Div. 60% or more marks, 2nd Div. 45% or more but less than 60% marks, and 3rd Div. less than 45% marks.)

Tamil Nadu Boards of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education / Directorate of Matriculation Schools

Exam Students


1st Div. 2nd Div. 3rd Div. Failed Star Marks
Chengalpattu Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Class 10 101 50 31 20 18
Class 12 123 71 48 3 1 21
Chengalpattu Boys’ Higher Secondary School
Class 10 170 32 74 64 9
Class 12 176 34 85 37 20 5
Chengalpattu Girls’ Higher Secondary School
Class 10 170 56 86 28 26
Class 12 201 94 95 8 4 32
Chennai Mission Ashrama Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Class 10 144 51 51 42 7
Chennai Mission Ashrama Higher Secondary School (South)
Class 10 71 37 32 2 10
Chennai Mission Ashrama Higher Secondary School (Main)
Class 10 144 61 62 21 17
Chennai Sarada Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Madley Street
Class 10 10 7 3 3
Chennai Sarada Vidyalaya Model Higher Secondary School, Burkit Road
Class 10 124 15 91 18 3
Chennai Sarada Vidyalaya Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Usman Road
Class 10 194 90 93 11 15
Chennai Students’ Home Residential High School
Class 10 41 23 17 1 7
Coimbatore Mission Shivananda Higher Secondary School
Class 10 171 100 69 2 39
Coimbatore Mission Vidyalaya High School
Class 10 44 42 2 23
Malliankaranai High School
Class 10 42 19 16 7 8
Nattarampalli Matriculation High School
Class 10 30 26 4 6
Villupuram Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Class 10 248 193 55 49
Villupuram Matriculation School, Salamedu
Class 10 49 34 10 5 16

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board

Exam Students


1st Div. 2nd Div. 3rd Div. Compartmental /


Failed Star Marks
Mysuru Vidyashala
Class 10 101 101 100
Vidyashala students secured the following positions in the state: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th.


We record with sorrow the passing away of two of our brother-monks.

Swami Ameyatmananda (Surendra), head of Dinajpur centre, Bangladesh, passed away at Arogya Bhavan, Belur Math, on 14 August at 9.30 am due to a massive heart attack.  He was 66.  He had come to Kolkata in February 2020 for the treatment of his kidney problem and was admitted to Seva Pratishthan for some days.  After getting discharged from there, he was recuperating at Arogya Bhavan.  Initiated by Swami Vireshwaranandaji Maharaj, he joined the order in 1983 at Medinipur centre and received sannyasa diksha from Swami Bhuteshanandaji Maharaj in 1993.  He served at Medinipur centre as an assistant in different departments, at Rahara centre mainly as the headmaster of its high school, and Dinajpur Ashrama as the head of centre.  He was unassuming and amiable by nature.

Swami Vibhananda (Ramakrishna of Narainpur centre) expired on 26 August at 12.40 pm, owing to a massive heart attack.  He was 67 and had been suffering from diabetes, hypertension and ischemic heart disease for some years.  On the fateful day he was going from Narainpur to Raipur by the Ashrama vehicle for his medical check-up and treatment.  But he passed away on the way.  An initiated disciple of Swami Vireshwaranandaji Maharaj, he joined the order in 1972 at Manasadwip centre and received sannyasa diksha from his Guru in 1984.  He served at Manasadwip, Taki, Puri Math, Khetri, Cossipore, Agartala, Chandipur and Narainpur centres.  Jovial and sociable by nature, he had a great concern for the welfare of underprivileged people.

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