North East Region State Level NEP Conference and Life Skill Summit : Agartala, July 2023

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Viveknagar, Agartala

A brief report on G20 North East Region State Level NEP Conference and Life Skill Summit


The CBSE Headquarters, New Delhi and the Ramakrishna Mission, Viveknagar, Agartala, have jointly organized the G20 North East Region State Level NEP Conference and Life Skill Summit  on  26th and  27th July  2023 at  the   Campus  of  Ramakrishna  Mission  Vidyalaya, Viveknagar, Agartala. The programme was a part of the yearlong commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of the foundation of the Ramakrishna Mission.

A total no. of 1695 delegates comprising, 308 Teachers, 1200 students and 192 Principals from the CBSE affiliated Schools in Tripura have actively participated in the summit. Delegates (Officials of Education Dept. of respective States) from Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram have also joined the Conference.

Apart from the deliberations from the dignitaries and speakers in various sessions, the delegates enjoyed a lot of motivational and inspiring speeches and interactive sessions delivered/conducted by the following eminent personalities:

(i) Smt. Nidhi Chhibber, IAS, Chairperson, CBSE,

(ii) Swami Atmapriyanandaji, Pro-Chancellor, RKMVERI, Belur Math, Howrah,

(iii) Swami Nikhileshwaranandaji, Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Math, Rajkot, Gujarat,

(iv) Swami Bodhamayanandaji, Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad,

(v) Dr. Joseph Emmanuel, Director (Academics), CBSE Headquarters,

(vi) Smt. Chandni Chandra, IAS, Director, School Education Dept. Govt. of Tripura,

(vii) Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Chairman, Expressions India, (viii) Mrs. Sonal Kalra, Chief Managing Editor, Hindustan Times, City Edition.

Swami Shubhakarananda, Secretary of the Viveknagar Centre, delivered the Welcome address and proposed the Vote of Thanks in the Inaugural and Valedictory sessions respectively. The universal and all-embracing teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda were immensely propagated through various discussions.

Mr. Thonkolet Maate, Regional Officer, CBSE, Guwahati, was also present there as one of the prominent delegates. The team CBSE comprising, Directors, Jt. Secretaries and higher officials spent a couple of days there at the Campus of Ramakrishna Mission. The Team Expressions India’, led by the Chairman of the said Organization, viz. Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, professionally conducted sessions for guiding the students about Life Skills, Mental Health and all-round wellbeing. This was one of the significant parts of the events.

Apart from the inaugural and valedictory session there were 22 sessions all together, arranged in different venues at the Ramakrishna Mission Campus for the Principals, Teachers, and for the students respectively.

While congratulating both the Ramakrishna Mission and the CBSE, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tripura, in his written speech has mentioned

“..Since last 125 years the Ramakrishna Mission has been rendering selfless and unique service to humanity in almost all the important fields, amongst which the field of Education deserves special mention so far as the all-round development of the children of our country are concerned. Having seen the outstanding performance of the Viveknagar Vidyalaya, the Govt. of Tripura has accorded a special status to this Institution, viz. “Specified Category School”. The Niti Ayog, Govt. of India has declared this Institution as the ‘Cyber Smart School’. The Govt. of Tripura is well aware about the accomplishment of the Examination Cell of this Vidyalaya and the mechanism introduced by them have been well appreciated by all the concerned authorities as well as by the well- known advice-giving and strategy-making bodies of our Country. We express our gratitude to The CBSE, Headquarters, New Delhi, that they have thoughtfully decided to organize this two- daylong State Level Life Skill Summit in collaboration with the Ramakrishna Mission which will surely bring benefits to our children. It is indeed a matter of pride and the record transpires as well, this is for the first time such a CBSE Summit has been organized in the State of Tripura….


Sessions conducted for the Principals and Teachers on the following events and topics:

(a) Teachers and Peer Educators’ Orientation,

(b) Teachers’ Capacity Building – CBSE Initiatives,

(c) Session on Manodarpan by NCRTE,

(d) Transformational Leadership for School Leaders,

(e) Wellness for 21st Century Schooling,

(f) CBSE Initiatives for Implementation of NEP 2020, and

(g) Igniting the Change – Aspirational Skill Development for Youth Empowerment

Sessions conducted for the students on the following events and topics:


(b) On the Spot Theme-based Painting


(d) The Young Orators Leadership Voices,

(e) PATHSHALA NUKKAD KI – On Contemporary Themes,


(g) Generation Gap and Modern Approaches to Bridge the Gap,

(h) The Umbilical Cord of Holistic Development in the Background of NEP 2020,

(i) Peer Educators’ Orientation Session and Musical Programme SUR SANGAM 2023


There was a distinct media coverage of the programme both prior to commencement of the Summit as well as on completion of the same by the Electronic and Print Media Houses. The Education Dept, Govt. of Tripura, took special initiatives to ensure participations of all the CBSE Schools as well as extended supports for the endeavours from the end of the CBSE and the Ramakrishna Mission, Viveknagar.

The CBSE Chairperson sent a Letter of Appreciation dated 7 August 2023, and she says,
“It heartens me to see the efforts being made by you and your team to provide holistic education to your students aligned with the aims of NEP 2020. In terms of infrastructure and timeline inputs, it is indeed an exemplar CBSE School.”…

Message from the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Tripura

Letter of Appreciation from the Chairperson, CBSE

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