Nutritional Supplements to Mothers and Children : Somsar

Ramakrishna Mission, Somsar, Dt. Bankura

Ramakrishna Mission, Somsar, is distributing everyday Nutritional Supplements to 12 lactating mothers and 31 children who are identified as the sufferers of malnutrition in Somsar village. This supplement contains one packet (75gm.) of a freshly prepared mixture of wheat powder, moong dal powder and sugar, one egg, one tablet of multivitamin with mineral and micronutrients, and one iron & folic acid tablet per head as per doctor’s advice and distributed to each mother and child by the project assistants personally.

This pilot project, named as “Nutrition in pregnant and lactating mothers and children from 6 months to 3 years of age with special emphasis on first 1000 days of human development” is conceived, planned and funded by Dr. Kanti Bhushan Bakshi, President, Vivekananda Swasthya Seva Sangha, Kolkata.

This project on malnutrition started and implemented in Somsar through erstwhile Somsar Sri Ramakrishna Seva Mandir since 1st March, 2020 suffered a setback for the past few months due to Corona outbreak and subsequent restrictions. Again,  Somsar Ramakrishna Mission have re-started this project since November, 2021.


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