Ramakrishna Mission Foundation Day 2015 (Photos)

The Ramakrishna Mission observed its 119th foundation day on 1st May 2015. The organisation, founded by Swami Vivekananda on the 1st May in 1897, aims at the harmony of religions, harmony of the East and the West, harmony of the ancient and the modern, spiritual fulfilment, all-round development of human faculties, social equality, and peace for all humanity, without any distinction of religion, creed, caste, race, or nationality.

For the past 118 years, it has been serving humanity at large with impeccable track record of transparency. It is an International Organization having centres in India and abroad. (In India: Math centres – 46, Mission Centres: 65, Combined Math & mission Centres: 23 and Outside India: Math centres – 23, Mission Centres: 12, Combined Math & mission Centres: 10). They have century old outstanding service records in relief operations during natural calamities, exceptional record of service in the field of tribal welfare service. In fact, the service rendered by the organisation in every field viz. Educational, Cultural, Medical, Tribal Welfare, Rural Development, Women empowerment and so on, is guided by the motto – “Shiv Jnane Jeev Seva” (Serving God in Man).

The Govt. of India awarded International Gandhi Peace Prize to Ramakrishna Mission in 1998. Ramakrishna Mission Centre at Fiji, received an award for rendering service and bringing in cultural harmony. Several State Governments have also awarded the different branches of this organisation for their immaculate service records. The UNESCO has recognized Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, as a member of GUNI and instituted a Vivekananda Chair at its Coimbatore unit.

Swami Smarananandaji, the Senior Most Vice President of the Ramakrishna Order presided over the function. Following the welcome address by the General Secretary, Jc. Saumen Sen and Dr. Subrata Maitra, also spoke on the occasion.

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