Ramayana Programme: Koyilandy, August 2022

The last month of the Malayalam  Era – ‘Karkidakam’ – is celebrated as ‘Ramayana Masa’ in Kerala. In every house, every temple Ramayana (Adhyatma Ramayanam by Ezhuthacchan) is read and sung. Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy organized a programme in connection with this. The main theme of the programme was to bring children, especially the school – college-going ones to bring in line with this centuries-old tradition of Kerala.

The centre conducted the Ramayana celebration on Saturday, the 6 August 2022. The programme commenced with traditional prayer and an opening song. It was followed by a reading from Ramayana by two devotees. Mr Kartikeyan and Mr Karunan Master spoke about the significance of Ramayana and how to practice it in our day-to-day life.  In between, a singer Mr Shinilraj, Kozhikode sang the songs on Rama.

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