Recent Relief Services : 25 Dec 2015

A Brief Report of Recent Relief Services As on 25 December 2015

FLOOD RELIEF: Tamil Nadu: Incessant rainfall in several parts of Tamil Nadu led to heavy floods in Chennai suburbs and neighboring districts, affecting hundreds of families. We have been conducting primary relief work since 14 November 2015 among the affected families through 10 of our branch centres as per details given below:

  • Chennai Math centre served cooked food among nearly 5000 affected people at Foreshore Estate (Chennai) on 17 November and distributed 15,000 kg rice, 500 kg lentils (dal), 200 packets biscuits, 30 kg milk powder, 1000 saris, 1073 lungis, 500 towels, 1500 mats, 1565 blankets and 100 sets of utensils (each set containing a rice pot, a sambar pot, a pot covering plate, 2 plates and 2 spoons) among 1693 families in Cuddalore district from 14 to 18 November. Medical relief was provided to 1010 flood-affected patients at Foreshore Estate and Ennore areas in Chennai.

Since 1 December, this centre has also been serving cooked food to about 25,700 people in Pattinapakkam, Nadukuppam, Ramakrishnapuram, Mundakanniyamman, Ganeshapuram and Mint areas and distributed dry food materials to 80 people in Bheemanna Garden area in Chennai. 27,005 kg rice, 400 kg dal, 400 kg sugar, 400 kg salt, 400 liter oil, 300 kg & 500 packets biscuits, 25 kg milk powder, 300 packets buns, 16 kg bread, 10 crates & 250 bottles drinking water, 1700 towels, nighty, 1800 saris, 1800 lungi, 2000 mats, 100 blankets, 100 bed sheet, torch, candle, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, mosquito coils, 350 steel plate, 350 tumbler, mug, bucket and other essential utensils were also distributed among 5657 families in Triplicane, Japherkhanpet and Ramakrishnapuram areas and 800 blankets in Ganeshapuram area in Chennai. On 4 December morning, 1200 cups of tea were served in Mundakanniyamman area. Medical relief was provided to 7919 flood-affected patients at Pattinapakkam, Velachary, Manali, Meyyur, Kosapur, Perungudi, Kottupuram, Saidapet, Mettukuppam and Nadukuppam ares in Chennai. Since 6 December, 1100 kg rice, blankets, drinking water packets, bread loaf, premium rusk, mats, biscuits, groceries, tooth brush, tooth paste, salt, turmeric, chili powder, disposable plates and cups, tea powder, sugar, vegetables, soap, saris, lungi, towels, bed sheets, candles, mosquito coils, steel plate and tumbler were distributed among 1895 people in Ambatur, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Murungembedu, Oragadam areas and 800 kg rice, 200 kg dal, 800 soap, 70 blankets & 70 mats were distributed among 340 people in R. K. Nagar and Kooturpuram areas in Chennai. On 7 December, 5920 napkins were distributed to highly needy and affected people. 100 kg bleaching powder was sprinkled throughout the West Mambalam areas in Chennai. On 9 December, 75 kg rice, saris, lungis, dal and blankets were distributed in the Mandaveli Corporation old age home in Chennai. On         13 December, sambar rice in stainless steel plate, tumbler, 2000 bottles drinking water & biscuits were distributed in Kotturpuram area and 75 bed sheets & mats were given to orphan children. On 15 December, 230 male kits, 100 female kits and 60 packets containing saris, lungi, shirts, steel plate & tumbler were distributed to 310 families and biscuits, sanitary napkins and kids dress were distributed among 1350 students. Relief work is going on.

  • Chennai Students Home centre served 25,046 food packets (each packet containing rice, pickles and water sachets), 25,359 packets of bread (600 gm) and 1090 water packets (250 ml) among 11,680 families in 16 areas of Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram and Chennai districts in Tamil Nadu since 15 November and also distributed 1125 kg rava, 1125 kg semiya, 750 kg oil, 1500 kg lentils (dal), 750 kg sugar, 750 kg salt, 375 kg mealmaker (soya), 375 kg tamarind, 75 kg mustard, 75 kg turmeric powder, 75 kg pickle, 75 kg chili powder, 37 kg cumin seeds and 505 kg vegetables among 936 families in West Tambaram and Mylapore areas. Relief work is going on.
  • Kanchipuram centre distributed 6750 kg rice, 1175 kg lentils (dal), 175 kg sugar, 700 mats, 1700 bed sheets, etc. among nearly 1350 affected families in Kanchipuram district. Relief work is going on.
  • Nattarampalli centre served 3900 plates cooked food among 1653 affected people from 4 December and distributed 1500 liters drinking water, 10,800 kg rice, 1080 kg dal, 1080 kg salt, 1080 kg oil, 540 kg tamarind, 1242 kg spices, 300 toothpaste, 713 mosquito cream & coil, 100 bottles Dettol, 200 napkins, 296 kg bleaching powder, 1000 saris, 986 pants and 948 shirts among 2441 families in 17 villages of Kanchipuram and Cuddalore districts. Medical relief was provided to 752 flood-affected patients at Indira Nagar area in Kanchipuram district. Relief work is going on.
  • Chennai Mission Ashrama centre served 8700 packets food packets and distributed 3300 packets bread, 11,500 water bottle (1 liter), 2000 packet milk (200 ml), 3000 packets biscuits, 1200 banana and 1500 mosquito coil to 21,100 people from 1 to 6 December in and around   Nagar area. Detailed report awaited.
  • Chengalpattu centre served cooked food among 15,550 affected people from 17 November and also distributed 2080 kg rice, 348 kg dal, biscuits, 3 kg milk powder, 187 saris, 187 dhotis, 187 bed sheets and 374 mats among 380 families in 35 interior villages of Kanchipuram district from 21 November. This centre also served milk among 1000 children’s. Medical relief was provided to 82 flood-affected patients at Chengalpattu on 3 December.
  • Malliankaranai centre served cooked food and distributed dry food in Malliankaranai. Relief work is going on.
  • Coimbatore Mission centre distributed food packets, clothing materials, medicines, drinking water, groceries and sanitary items among the thousands of flood affected families in Kanchipuram, Kadalur, Villupuram and Chennai districts in Tamil Nadu from 4 to 7 December.
  • Coimbatore Math centre distributed 374 lungis, 374 saris, 374 towels, 229 sets of utensils (each set containing a rice pot with covering plate, a sambar pot with covering plate, a rice spoon, a sambar spoon, a pan, a plate and 2 glass), 145 tooth paste, 145 tooth brush, 145 soap, 145 bottles coconut oil, 290 washing soap, 145 dining steel plate and 290 glasses among 374 families in 8 villages in Ponneri block of Thiruvallur district. This centre also distributed 279 children garments, 279 tooth paste, 279 tooth brush, 279 soap, 279 bottles coconut oil and 558 washing soap among 279 children’s in 6 villages in Thiruvallur district.
  • Madurai centre distributed 558 saris, 141 pants, 20 lungis, 90 t-shirts, 552 churidars, 210 shirts, 1773 children garments, 120 nighties, 175 dhotis, 109 towels, 347 bed sheets, 175 blankets, 2222 kg rice, 100 kg sweets, 1500 packets pickles, 1557 packets biscuits, 354 bottles drinking water (1 lt.), 29 packets bread, 134 kg atta, 15 kg dal, 25 kg wheat flour, 70 kg rava, 50 coconuts, 10 kg masala powder, 5 kg sugar, 11 kg coffee powder, 12 kg salt, 268 tooth paste, 37 tooth brush, 2 kg detergent powder, 75 soap, 100 note books, 16 plastic buckets, 200 sets of utensils (each set containing a rice vessel, a plate, a tumbler and a spoon), 50 candles, 168 plates and medicines were distributed among flood affected people in Kadalur in Tamil Nadu.

Further reports awaited.

EARTHQUAKE RELIEF: Nepal: In the wake of the devastating earthquake which affected a major portion of Nepal and some parts of India, the Ramakrishna Mission conducted primary relief among affected families in the devastated areas. In the 2nd phase of relief work, from 23 December, our Kathmandu centre distributed 3440 foam (mats) and 1240 polythene sheets among 2340 earthquake-stricken families in Shaku village in Nepal.

REHABILITATION: (a) Andhra Pradesh: Our Visakhapatnam centre has constructed a non-formal education centre and a temporary structure in the Hudhud cyclone affected Walabu and Vantlamamidi villages respectively. (b) Uttarakhand: In place of the hostel building in Agastyamuni, Uttarakhand, which was damaged by the devastating flood of 2013, the Ramakrishna Mission, through its Dehradun centre, is constructing a new 3-storied Girls’ Hostel building and a new 3-storied Post-Graduate block at the A.P.B. Govt. PG College in Agastyamuni.  The construction work has been finished and presently plumbing work and painting are in progress.

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