Recent Relief Services : Brief Report As On 01 June 2019



Odisha and West Bengal: ‘Fani’, an extremely severe cyclonic storm made its landfall in Puri, Odisha on 3 May and it gradually weakened as it passed over West Bengal. The cyclone caused severe damage to the rural mud dwellings and general infrastructure. Following are the details of the relief work conducted so far:

(a) Manasadwip centre distributed 85 asbestos sheets, 22 pipes, 16 concrete pillars, 12 bamboo poles, 8 tarpaulins, 7 corrugated tins, 40 tiles, 70 bricks, 1 bag of cement and 5 bags of sand among 11 families on 28 May.


(b) Puri Mission distributed 1200 saris, 1200 lungis, 1200 towels and 1200 packets of biscuits among 1200 families on 19 May.


Our Bhubaneswar, Puri Math and Puri Mission centres have conducted primary relief surveys and are in the process of distributing relief materials. Further reports are awaited.

FIRE RELIEFFire Relief : Chennai

Tamil Nadu: In a fire incident at Dooming Kuppam, Mylapore on 18 May, thirteen huts were destroyed. Chennai Math distributed 40 lungis, 40 saris, 16 shirts, 40 trousers, 40 towels, some children’s garments, 16 pots, 16 pans, 96 plates, 64 spoons, 64 tumblers, 32 pots and 32 mats among 16 affected families on 22 May.


Maharashtra: In the aftermath of drought, Aurangabad centre distributed 150 plastic drums among 150 families on 13 and 24 May.


Tamil Nadu: Madurai centre distributed 600 litres of buttermilk to thirsty wayfarers in Madurai on 19 and 22 April.


Kerala: In the aftermath of the floods that had hit Kerala in the month of August, Tiruvalla centre set up a water treatment plant, cleaned a well and distributed 10 computers, 3 printers and a camera benefitting over 360 families in Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta district from 7 September to 24 January.


To extend a helping hand to poor and needy people, 5 of our centres in different parts of the country have distributed 3528 shirts, 361 trousers, 10 saris, 22 blankets, 704 jackets, 386 sweaters, 100 bedsheets, 100 mosquito-nets, 22 tarpaulins, 24 solar lamps, 450 kg rice, 450 kg flour, 112 kg dal, 112 kg cooking oil, 225 kg salt, 56 kg sugar, 45 kg tea leaves, 56 kg milk powder, 10 plates, 10 bowls, 10 tumblers, 164 phials of hair oil, 164 packets of washing powder, 225 bars of washing soap, 164 toothpastes and 164 toothbrushes among poor and needy people during the month of May.

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