Relief Services : A Brief Report as on 1 July 2022

Flood Relief



In the wake of the devastating floods in Assam in May,  Guwahati centre distributed 4250 kg rice, 600 kg pulses, 300 kg soya chunks, 300 litres cooking oil, 300 kg salt, 600 packets of biscuits, 300 litres milk, 150 kg detergent powder, 600 bars of bathing soap, 41 sets of utensils (each set containing a tumbler, 2 cooking pots, a plate and a ladle), 100 mattresses, 700 mosquito nets, 200 lungis, 450 saris, 50 sets of mekhela chador (a traditional Assamese garment for women), 210 banyans (vests), 210 towels, 150 candles, 50 packets of matchboxes, 25 packets of mosquito coils and 72 corrugated tin sheets among 946 families in Kamrup, Nagaon and Hojai districts from 29 May to 19 June.

Photos: Flood Relief in Assam

South Africa


Continuing its relief operations among the victims of floods in KwaZulu-Natal province, Phoenix centre distributed the following items among 300 families in June: 1610 kg rice, 213 kg maize meal, 30 kg wheat flour, 306 kg cereals, 1110 kg pulses, 100 kg soya chunks, 1690 kg assorted vegetables, 80 kg assorted spices, 250 kg salt, 600 litres cooking oil, 698 cans of tinned food, 30 kg soup powder, 3871 breakfast cereal sachets, 1090 packets of biscuits, 150 cakes, 30,000 tea bags, 324 litres milk, 310 kg sugar, 100 kg milk powder, 70 kg pasta, 1500 loaves of bread, 200 litres fruit juice, 18 litres flavoured milk, 77 kg snacks, 12 kg sweetmeat, 10 kg assorted fruits, 400 matchboxes, 10 litres sanitizer, 200 bars of washing soap, 200 bars of bathing soap, 10 litres detergent, 200 tubes of toothpaste and 720 adult napkins.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services

South Africa


Durban centre, along with its sub-centres, served 2496 plates of food and distributed 489 kg rice, 108 kg flour, 505 kg mealie meal, 198 kg pulses, 43 kg sugar beans, 649 canned beans, 81 canned vegetables, 360 kg assorted vegetables, 214 kg porridge, 135 kg samp, 30 kg pasta, 185 litres cooking oil, 166 kg salt,  1685 loaves of bread, 180 cans of jam, 152 bottles of peanut butter, 38 litres fruit juice, 24,960 tea bags, 259 kg sugar, 295 litres milk, 20 kg milk powder, 1000 litres drinking water, 160 packets of soup, 162 matchboxes, 45 tubes of toothpaste, 352 bars of laundry soap and 196 bars of toilet soap among 567 families in various parts of South Africa in June.

Fire Relief

Arunachal Pradesh

In the wake of a fire incident at Kamdi village of West Siang district on 12 June, Aalo centre provided 4 shirts, 4 trousers, 2 jumpers, 4 sweaters, 21 blankets, a mosquito net, 2 belts, a set of toys, 2 cooking pots, 4 bowls, 2 plates, 2 steel glasses, 3 ladles, a bucket, a jug, a mug and a knife to the affected family on 20 June.


Two houses were burned down in a fire accident at Kalibari in Digboi on 17 June. Digboi centre extended a helping hand by distributing 25 kg potatoes, 4 kg chickpeas, 5 litres cooking oil, 2 kg assorted spices, 4 saucepans, 2 cooking pots, 4 saris, 6 trousers and 6 vests among the affected families on 19 June.

Summer Relief


Cuttack centre distributed 29,058 glasses of buttermilk to thirsty passers-by from 15 April to 11 June.

Tamil Nadu

Chennai Mission Ashrama distributed 75,000 glasses of buttermilk to thirsty wayfarers from 1 to 31 May.

Salem centre served about 14,000 glasses of buttermilk to thirsty pedestrians in May.

Uttar Pradesh

Kanpur centre distributed 15,600 glasses of sharbat (a sweet drink) to thirsty passers-by from 23 May to 17 June.

Distress Relief

The following centres distributed the items shown against their names to needy people:


Asansol: 100 school bags and 400 notebooks on 25 June.

Dibrugarh: 240 kg wheat flour, 60 kg rice flakes (chira), 120 kg pulses, 60 kg soya chunks, 60 kg sugar, 120 kg salt, 120 litres cooking oil, 120 packets of biscuits, 120 bars of bathing soap and 120 bars of washing soap in April, May and June.

Hatamuniguda: 164 umbrellas on 26 May and 12 June.


5 wheelchairs, 3 wheelie walkers, 13 dual crutches, 18 elbow crutches, 7 hospital beds with mattresses, 2001 diapers, a sewing machine, an OT bed with mattresses, 6 tables, 30 school desks, 218 T-shirts, 141 shirts, 82 trousers and 51 ladies’ garments from 26 April to 25 June.

South Africa

Phoenix: 20 rainwater harvesting tanks and 3 wheelchairs in June.


Lusaka: 800 kg mealie meal between February and June.

Fire Rehabilitation


A fire burned down a house at Bipra Ajgara village of Khulna district on 18 March. Bagerhat centre provided 18 corrugated tin sheets on 27 May to the affected family to rebuild their house.

Distress Rehabilitation

Mumbai centre installed a solar-powered drinking water system and a water tank at Borsepada village in Palghar district. The facility was inaugurated on 22 June.

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