Relief Services : A Brief Report as on 01 October 2017

Flood Relief


(i) Assam: In the wake of devastating floods in Dhemaji district, Itanagar centre distributed 600 ration kits (each kit containing 10 kg rice, 5 kg dal [lentils], 5 kg potatoes, 1 kg cooking oil, 1 kg salt, 500 gram milk powder, 2 packets of candles, 1 packet of matchboxes,

500 grams of detergent powder and 2 bars of soap) to 600 affected families on 14 September.

(ii) West Bengal:

Flood Relief Services, Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal

(a)  The  Headquarters (Belur  Math)  served  10,000  plates  of  cooked  food  and  distributed 7250  kg rice, 2050 kg potatoes, 1725 packets of biscuits, 500 litres of drinking water, 1800 saris, 1030 lungis, 522 dhotis, 1 lakh halogen tablets, 215 bags of cattle feed and 125 kg bleaching powder among 1275 flood-affected families of 14 villages in Uttar Dinajpur district from 31 August to 16 September.  Moreover, medical help was provided to 364 patients.

Flood Relief Service by Coochbehar centre

(b) Cooch Behar centre served cooked food to a few thousand flood-affected persons and distributed 550 kg rice, 53 kg dal, 187  kg chira (rice flakes), 60 kg gur (molasses) and 96 kg muri (puffed rice) among 1252 families of 22 villages in Cooch Behar district from 13 to 16 August.


Relief Services at Uttar Dinajpur by our Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling centres

(c)  Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling centres distributed 3907 kg rice, 757 kg dal, 757 kg potatoes, 757  kg  mustard  oil,  454  kg  salt,  225  kg  bleaching  powder  and  225  kg  lime  among 907  flood-affected families in Raiganj, Kaliyaganj and Buniyadpur areas in North Dinajpur district from 20 to 26 August.

Flood Relief Services by Malda centre

(d)  Malda  centre  distributed  7000  kg  chira,  750  kg  sugar,  720  kg  rice,  120  kg  dal  and 3160  packets  of  biscuits  among  1568  flood-affected  families  in  Malda  district  from 19 August to 6 September.


Relief Services by Lokashiksha Parishad, Narendrapur

(e)  Narendrapur centre distributed 660 kg rice, 660 kg potatoes, 110 kg dal, 110 kg muri, 552  packets of biscuits, 175 kg bleaching powder, 25 water drums and 557 tarpaulins among 773 families in South 24-Parganas and Paschim Medinipur districts.



Dhaka centre provided the following items to each of the 250 flood-affected families in Dinajpur district on 5 and 6 September: 1 kg flour, 1 kg suji (semolina), 1 kg sugar, 1 litre edible oil, 1 sari and 1 lungi.


Photos of Flood Relief in Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal :



Distress Relief

The following centres distributed various items, as shown against their names, to needy people:


Distribution of garments by Antpur centre

(a) Antpur: 1071 shirts and 1081 pants from 23 August to 9 September.

Distribution of garments to children by Bagda centre

(b) Bagda: 100 saris, 50 dhotis and 200 children’s garments on 23 September.

(c) Dehradun: 4572 shirts, 6812 pants and 1570 tops from 5 January to 2 September.

(d) Gadadhar Ashrama, Kolkata: 100 saris, 32 children’s garments and 18 school uniforms on 20 September.

(e) Gurap: 211 saris, 52 dhotis and 28 readymade garments on 22 September.

(f)  Kankurgachhi: 292 saris and 51 dhotis on 8 and 25 August.

Distribution of cloths by Karimganj centre

(g) Karimganj: 232 saris and 218 dhotis from 15 to 18 September.

Distress Relief by Vrindavan centre

(h) Vrindaban: 400 kg rice, 400 kg flour, 100 kg dal, 100 kg mustard oil, 200 kg salt, 20 kg tea, 40 kg milk powder and 100 kg sugar on 20 September.


Distribution of garments to children during Durga Puja, Chittagong, Bangladesh

 Chittagong : On the occasion of Durga Puja, Chittagong centre distributed 3000 kg rice, 300 kg dal, 22 saris in various sudivisions of Chittagong, and garments to 100 children in Khagrachhori district. Details

Mymensingh: 12,000 notebooks, 12,000 pens, 3 goats and 6 ducks from April to July.


Winter Relief

Antpur centre distributed 428 sweaters, 749 sweatshirts and 1395 jackets from 23 August to 9 September.


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