Relief Services : Durban, May 2022

Ramakrishna Centre South Africa, Durban

As a part of the Covid-19 Relief Services, the Ramakrishna Centre South Africa, Durban, distributed 595kg rice, 137.5kg pea dal, 164 litres cooking oil, 137.5kg sugar beans, 195kg porridge, 115kg samp, 250kg sugar, 155kg salt, 650 canned beans, 115 canned fish, 115 jam, 252.5kg mealie meal, 18580 teabags, 2.5kg pasta, 137.5kg flour, 115 bottles peanut butter, 160 packets soup, 37.5 litres fruit juice, 195 bars laundry soap, 245 bars toilet soap, 45 toothpaste, 240 boxes of matches, 1055 loaves of bread and 500 litres water to 260 families in Durban, Ladysmith, Pietermaritzburg, Dundee and Newcastle during May 2022.

The centre also distributed vegetables — 120 cabbages, 360kg butternut, 120kg beetroot, 60kg pepper and 120kg tomato, in Pietermaritzburg, and cooked meals were also distributed to 2815 people in Pietermaritzburg, Ladysmith and Durban.

The Durban Centre also distributed 60 blankets, 60 sarees and 60 denim shopping bags, each containing 2 canned beans and 1 packet biscuit to 60 mothers.


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