Relief Services : Durban, October 2023

Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa, Durban

Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa, Durban, distributed the following items to 215 families in the Durban,  Ladysmith, Pietermaritzburg and Dundee areas during October 2023, as a part of humanitarian assistance to needy families :

Names of Items Quantity Unit
Rice 430 kg
Maize Meal 219.5 kg
Wheat Flour 87 kg
Pulses 395 kg
Salt 135 kg
Cooking Oil 67.5 Ltrs
Jam 125 Cans
Tinned Food 290 Cans
Tea Bags 16,542 Nos
Milk 145 Ltrs
Sugar 138 kg
Porridge 125 kg
Washing Soap 192 Bars
Cooked Meals 770 plates
Blankets 14 Nos


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