Relief Services: Fiji, May-June, 2022

Ramakrishna Mission, Nadi, Fiji

Ramakrishna Mission, Nadi, Fiji, distributed the following items to the poor and needy:

1 OT Beds with Mattresses, 5 Wheelchairs, 3 Wheely walkers, 7 Hospital beds with mattresses, 13 Dual Crutches, 18 Elbow Crutches, 91 Diapers Packs (2001 numbers), and 1 Sewing machine distributed to around 150 families in and around Nadi District, Western Fiji from 26 April to 25 June 2022.

4 OT Beds with Mattresses, 3240 KN95 Facemasks, 34 cartons of Eyeglasses (6800 numbers), two cartons of bandages, 10 Moon boots, 1 Baby incubator, and 4 Menukins (Replicas), were assisted to the Nadi sub-divisional hospital, Vatukarasa Health Centre, Tau Health Centre and Sigatoka sub-divisional hospital and nearby villages in Western Fiji from 26 April to 25 June 2022.

6 large tables, 30 school desks, 218 T. Shirts, 51 girls’ vests, 141 shirts, and 82 pants to the three primary schools in Sigatoka Subdivision, Western Fiji, on 21 June 2022.


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