Residential Youth Camp: Medinipur, May 2023

To mark the 125th anniversary of Ramakrishna Mission’s foundation, Ramakrishna Mission, Medinipur conducted a 2-day residential youth camp on 20 and 21 May 2023. More than 100 delegates participated. The programme includes- Vedic chanting, Gita chanting, Hymns, Speeches, Reading from Swami Vivekananda, Recitations, chorus Bhajan, Film Show- Manabatar prasfutita satadal, Group discussion, question Answers. Speakers- Swami Amartyananda, Swami Shashadharananda, Swami Lakshmikantananda, Swami Jayeshananda, Swami Jnanivarananda. Bhajan led by Swami jishnudevananda. Everyone liked it very much. Their wish- Such events are requested to be conducted occasionally.

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