Sewing Machine to Tailoring Students : Karimganj, August 2023

Ramakrishna Mission, Karimganj

Updates : 29 August 2023

Ramakrishna Mission, Karimganj, distributed sewing machines to the trainees of the Tailoring and Dressmaking unit of the ashrama. Earlier this month the ashrama already distributed 15 sewing machines to the trainees. On 25 August 2023, the ashrama distributed 4 sewing machines to 4 trainees.

Thus all 19 machines are handed over to the Trainees of 02 batches who have successfully completed the course of training.

2 August 2023

The Vocational Training in Tailoring for Women has been started at Ramakrishna Mission, Karimganj, since July 2022. Two batches have successfully completed the course of six months.

This year on the completion of the training, each trainee has been provided with a certificate and sewing machine for their economic rehabilitation on 2nd August 2023. In each batch 10 women are being trained.

Training of another two batches is going on. The ashrama so far handed over 15 sewing machines to the trainees. Two trainers are providing training. All the trainees hail from economically backward classes.


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