Sri Sri Annapurna Puja : Nabadwip, 2022

Ramakrishna Mission, Nabadwip

Ramakrishna Mission, Nabadwip, performed Sri Sri Annapurna Puja on 9 April 2022. Swami Vedanuragananda, Controller of Examinations, Vivekananda Centenary College, Ramakrishna Mission, Rahara performed special puja, homa and arati. Devotional songs were offered by Swami Shivadhishananda, Belur Math.

On this occasion new sari and prasad are to be offered to 300 helpless mothers. Sri Pundarikaksha Saha, Hon’ble MLA of Nabadwip, and other distinguished personalities visited Ashrama and took part in this holy celebration. Around 400 devotees took prasad.


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