Values Education Programme: Chennai, Nov – Dec 2022

Value Education Programme by Vivekananda Cultural Centre of Chennai Math.

A Value Education Program aptly named – ‘Catch Them Young’ –designed specially to gently prod the youth towards becoming a better version of themselves—was attended by 985 students from 5 institutions in and around Chennai, along with 52 faculty members, as part of the ongoing initiative to transform Youth (age group of 13–25 years).

This program was conducted from 3rd Nov to 9th Dec 2022. The sessions were led by three monastic members—Swami Raghunayakananda, Swami Sathyaprabhananda and Swami Apavargananda—as well as three resource people—Smt. Varsha Sundararajan, Dr Krishnaveni Hariram, and Kumari Lavanya Dheera.

The sessions were transformative, inspirational, and interactive. By incorporating character-building lessons into easily understood anecdotes from both ancient and modern history, the emphasis was on showcasing the splendour of Indian culture and encouraging young minds to become better people. All the participants underwent a guided tour of the ‘Experience Vivekananda’ museum at the end of each session.

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