Vivekananda Punyanagari Seva Prakalp : Pune

Ramakrishna Math, Pune has inaugurated “Vivekananda Punyanagari Seva Prakalp” through a dazzling inaugural function held on 10th & 11th May 2017.

The objective of this “Vivekananda Punyanagari Seva Prakalp” is to serve and uplift socially and culturally the slum dwelling people from low income group. Ramakrishna Math, Pune is surrounded by slums by three sides.  Most of slum-dwellers are addicted to wine, other intoxicating material and gambling. Addiction to wine is the root cause of poverty and other economic
and social problems of this class of people. To uplift these people socially, economically and culturally Ramakrishna Math, Pune has taken up the project “Vivekananda Punyanagari Seva Prakalp”. Under this project steps would be taken up for de-addiction and rehabilitation; subsequently medical and educational help would be extended to them. Also, they would be introduced and inspired to live a better life free from all bad habits and full of dignity. Already on the Buddha-Purnima day (on 10th May, 2017) 10 selected drunkards took oath in the name of Lord Buddha to give-up the habit of drinking wine. They sweared in presence of their family members, monks and few close devotees of Math. To encourage and to inspire them these 10 people were honored in the meeting for their courageous step. Dinner was served to all.

A public programme to commemorate the “Vivekananda Punyanagari Seva Prakalp” and in connection with Buddha Purnima was organized for this slum dwelling people on 11th May 2017. Nearly 800 slum dwellers, who are the followers of Lord Buddha, attended the programme. Swami Shrikantananda, Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Math, Pune and Shri Bhante Raj Ratanji, a buddhistic monk and scholar, spoke on the life and teachings of Lord Buddha. Dry food packet and a book on the life and teachings of Buddha were presented to each delegate.


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