Winter Relief: Rajkot

Ramakrishna Ashrama, Rajkot distributed 306 woollen Garments to the poor and needy people of Bhuj, Lakhapat in Kutch, Ahmedabad and Nimach in November 2020.

The centre distributed 276 blankets from 18 Dec – 23 Dec ’20 at following places:

1. 69 Blankets in Vastarpur area in Ahmedabad.

2. 80 Blankets to the slum areas of Prahlad nagar in Ahmedabad.

3. 87 Blankets at Ranuja nagar in Ahmedabad.

4. 20 Blankets in Vastarpur Vradhashrama.

5. 20 Blankets for labourers in Rajkot.

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