World Diabetes Day : Kankhal

The Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama,Kankhal, Haridwar, celebrated World Diabetes Day on 25 November 2018, in the Sevashrama premises. The hospital also took active part in creating awareness about diabetes by organizing various programmes on various days bringing together people, parents, children, hospital staff, doctors , eminent personalities and other well wishers.

The proposed theme for World Diabetes Day 2018 was The Family and Diabetes.


The year’s activities and materials will focus on the following objectives:

1. To encourage people with Type 1 Diabetes and their family members for leading a healthy and normal life.

2. To promote the importance of screening to ensure early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in the community.

3. To create awareness in the hospital, among patients and staff.

4. To focus on the importance of proper treatment & there by preventing the complications.

Healthy Breakfast & Diabetes Walk :

The programme started with a healthy breakfast followed by the announcement of days activity by the programme coordinator Swami Dayadhipananda, who emphasized the necessity of conducting awareness activities like Diabetes Walk  in which hospital staff, children along with their parents participated by holding flash cards with various diabetes quotes which was honored by the Monks of the Sevashram & the public.

Inauguration of exhibition :

The inauguration of exhibition was done by the chief guest Dr Suschismita Sengupta Pandey in the presence of Monks, doctors, staff and other respective representatives of different institutions.

Lamp lighting , Vedic Chantig and Prayers :

The stage program started with lamp lighting,  Vedic Chanting by the Monks and Brahmacharins of Sevashrama, followed by a prayer song lead by Lakshya and team. Anchoring was done by a  type 1 diabetic team member Susheel Rawat .

Welcome speech was presented by Ms.Sneha & Ms Surabhi Chaudhary compered the on-going diabetes program in the past 10 years.

Keynote Address :

Children and parents expressed their experiences with their life with Type 1 diabetes & the unique support from Sevashrama which has made them lead a happy and normal life. Mrs Mini Yohannan (Nursing Director of the Sevashrama) addressed The Family & Diabetes which was set as the theme for World Diabetes Day 2018. In continuation to the topic Dr.Choudhary (Senior Consultant of the Sevashrama) explained in detail about the role of each family members in the management of diabetes and also appreciated the diabetic children for their outstanding performances.


The distinguished dignitaries were requested to distribute the prizes for the  various competitions conducted  on the occasion of “WDD – 2018”. Cash prizes were distributed among the 13 winners along with  certificate of appreciation.

Salient note :

The chief guest Dr. Suchismitha Sengupta Pandey addressed the gathering.

The special invitee Acharya Ramanuja from Rajkot also spoke on this occasion.

Swami Nirvikalpananda(Senior Monk of the Sevashram), in his benedictory address , explained about complete personality development.

Swami Dayadhipananda presented the vote of thanks.

The well known Bhajan singer, a beneficiary of the sevashrama, Sri.Vasudev Mishra (Bhagawat Kathakar from Jwalapur) with his team , presented melodious bhajans. In the end the Secretary Maharaj blessed and distributed Prasad to all.

The following programs were carried out on various days of the diabetes month.

Education sessions Awareness programmes Competitions

   Health Education classes (weekly four days)

   Video conferences – Monthly

   Support group meeting etc


   b)Diabetes Walk

   c)Tips for Maintaining ideal          body weight

   d)Eat well balanced healthy          diet

   e)Regular exercise

   f)Quit smoking



   i)Motivational sessions

   For those with children with       Type 1 Diabetes:

   Essay-writing, Drawing, Best     out of waste, Speech                     competitions.

Diabetic walk , Exhibition :

Nearly 300 people participated in the awareness walk . The exhibition which included posters, flex banners, food models, glucometer and different types of insulin made an impressive impact. Vishika our type 1 diabetic child performed Yogasanas which was very much appreciated by one and all.

Representatives from various pharmaceutical companies participated.

Biocon Ltd India took active part in arranging healthy breakfast & Diabetes Walk.

Nippro Ltd India, screened blood sugar for more than 300 people.


Essay writing, drawing, speech competition and best out of waste, were held which apart from creating enthusiasm also served to educate & create awareness. More than 60 children participated in this competitions.The judges for the competitions were Dr. Sandeep Mistra , and Mrs Mini Yohannan ( Nursing Director RKMS ).  Cash prizes were distributed among the 13 winners.

Media Coverage :
News reporters from various local papers were invited to participate in the program & they wrote in their papers “The combined efforts from the staff & management of RKM are truly appreciable as there is an absolute necessary to create an awareness about the preventive measures to be taken by the people in order to fight against Diabetes. Also it is noteworthy to witness the support of RKM hospital to the Diabetic community & the positive message instilled in the lives of the diabetics being treated at the charitable hospital.”

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