Inspiration : Holy Mother Sarada Devi

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“As you smell the fragrance of a flower while handling it or the smell of sandalwood while rubbing it against a stone, so you obtain spiritual awakening by constantly thinking of God” – Holy Mother Sarada Devi

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Sourav Bhattacharjee
December 13, 2017 Reply

‘Maa Achen aar ami achi bhavona ki aar ache amar…?”

Sastang pronams. Joy Maa.

Tripti dey
December 9, 2017 Reply

Ma karunamayee Ma! You never disappointed anybody. You are really a true mother!

Suman Dey
December 8, 2017 Reply

Maa bhakti dao su buddhi dao tomar charone sastanga pronam

Shirish Samarth
December 7, 2017 Reply

I want to know whether there is any audio book available on the holy mother.

Shirish Samarth
December 7, 2017 Reply

Recently I read the autobiographyof the Holy Mother Sharadadevi and I was quite thrilled to read it. I’m going to talk on the holy mother in the local senior citizen’s club as a tribute to her on her birthday on 22nd of Dec.

Shirish Samarth
December 7, 2017 Reply

Excellent quote it will inspire many in ages to come.

Abhirup De
December 6, 2017 Reply

May Holy Mother bless us all is our earnest prayer on Her Lotus Feet.


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