Inspiration : Sri Ramakrishna

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“Truthfulness in speech is the tapasya of the Kaliyuga. It is difficult to practise other austerities in this cycle. By adhering to truth one attains God. Tulsidas said: ‘Truthfulness, obedience to God, and the regarding of others’ wives as one’s mother, are the greatest virtues. If one does not realize God by practising them, then Tulsi is a liar.'” – Sri Ramakrishna (The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, 12 April 1885)

4 Responses to “Inspiration : Sri Ramakrishna”

Sourav Bhattacharjee
April 23, 2018 Reply

“Ramakrishna Charono Saroje majore mono….”

Suman Dey
April 16, 2018 Reply

Jai pravu sri charone sastanga pronam

Suprotim Das
April 15, 2018 Reply

Pronam Thakur

Aritra Sikdar
April 15, 2018 Reply

Thakur tomar Sree Padopade Satokoti Pronam janai..

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