Activities 2018-19 : New Developments

Educational Field

Baranagar Mission centre added a higher secondary section in its school.

Chennai Sarada Vidyalaya installed smart classroom facilities at its three higher secondary schools.

Coimbatore centre started a Robotics and IoT Laboratory at Swami Shivananda Higher Secondary School and a Computational Chemistry Laboratory at the College of Arts and Science.

Gadadhar Ashrama started a computer training centre.

Garbeta centre started an English-medium primary school.

Hatamuniguda centre started a vocational training centre and a computer training centre.

Kamarpukur centre started a computer training centre.

Lumdung centre started a primary school.

Malda centre introduced an English-medium section in its school.

PSA-RKMM Skill Development Project, a collaborative effort between Peerless Skill Academy (PSA), Kolkata, and Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission (RKMM) was launched. The project aims at streamlining and strengthening the vocational training programmes conducted by our centres.

Medical Field

Barasat Math added the following equipment to its dispensary: wireless indirect ophthalmoscope, airotor air compressor, scaling machine, two LX-300 microscopes, incubator, microcontrol IFT TENS & UST 1 Mhz, electric traction and static cycle.

Chennai Math renovated and extended its physiotherapy unit.

Dehradun centre started a super-speciality eye care centre.

Itanagarcentre extended two operation theatres in its hospital.

Kankhal centre started an eight-bed high dependency unit in its hospital.

Lucknow centre set up a fully equipped IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) laboratory.

Malda centre started an ayurvedic clinic in its dispensary.

TB Clinic of New Delhicentre started functioning as a district drug-resistant TB centre (DDR-TBC) with an RNTCP accredited CBNAAT (GeneXpert) laboratory for drug-resistance testing. The clinic is now authorized to initiate drug-resistant TB patients on second-line anti-TB drugs as per RNTCP protocols.

Rajkot Math started a dental unit and added to its dispensary X-ray system, RVG sensor, two sterilizers (for dental unit), Endomate DT, gas gun, specular microscope, two A-scan machines, optical camera, indirect ophthalmoscope, autoclave, Yag PI (laser iridotomy), ECG machine and cervical traction equipment.

Seva Pratishthan centre built a cardiology ward and started an endocrinology department.

Thiruvananthapuram hospital started a blood bank.

Visakhapatnam centre set up a special sensory room, smart boards and a speech therapy unit at its cerebral palsy clinic.

The following centres added medical equipment, mentioned against their names, to their dispensaries/hospitals:

Asansol: Autorefractor Keratometer and an ECG machine.

Itanagar: Two anaesthesia workstations, two C-arm compatible OT tables, two diathermy machines, a wireless indirect ophthalmoscope and an Alcon centurion vision system.

Jayrambati: Fully automated chemistry analyser.

Lucknow: Alcon centurion vision system, cautery machine, external pacemaker, specular & surgical microscopes, corneal topography, nephroscope, two hemodialysis machines, neonatal ventilator, endoscopic ultrasound system, fibroscan, digital radiography retrofit, fibreoptic video bronchoscope, and multiplex PCR system.

Mumbai: Green laser console, standby server, semi-automated coagulation analyser ERBA ECL 412, two centrifuge machines, a blood cell counter, an X-ray machine and an Automated Cobas 6000 biochemistry & immunochemistry analyzer.

Narainpur: Integrated anaesthesia work station and Isoflourine vaporiser, treadmill, ADL mispa protein analyzer, infant resuscitators, patient monitor ETC02, birthing bed height adjustment machine.

Patna: Humphrey field analyser, Topcon Oms 800 & Lumera 300 operation microscopes, Kerato refractometer Kr 800, computerised tonometer Ct 800, ENT OPD advanced unit set, Trans Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) and Interferential Therapy (IFT) unit.

Ramharipur: A dental centrifuge and other dental instruments.

Salem: Fundus retinal camera.

Seva Pratishthan: Two dialysis units, bronchovideoscope, bubble c-pap, anaesthesia workstation, ophthalmic laser and retinal fundus camera.

Sohra(Cherrapunjee): Digital X-ray machine, an eye testing unit and a physiotherapy unit.

Vadodara: Autorefractor keratometer, slitlamp Aia-11, ophthalmic refraction unit model – Aaru 2000, Hiene retinoscope Beta-200 and opthalmoscope.

Varanasi: Color doppler machine, oxygen generator plant, camera and accessories for laparoscopy and digital X-ray machine.

Rural Development Field

A training programme on organic farming was held by Kamarpukur centre in which 61 farmers took part.

Khetri centre started a handicrafts training centre for local women.

Malda centre built sheds for serving mid-day meals in primary schools at Samdaspukur and Chakbandi villages of Malda district.

Ranchi Morabadi centre:

    1. Under Integrated Watershed Development Programme (IWDP), watersheds covering 6969 hectares of land in Murhu and Khunti blocks of Khunti district were developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Development. During the reporting period, 89 farm ponds and 106 dobas (small water bodies)were excavated for water conservation. Also, 10,200 trenches and farm bund walls were made on 16 hectares of land. Crop demonstration was carried out on 10 hectares of land.
    2. A Seed Village Programme was started of which farmers of 25 villages were trained in necessary skills and were given inputs to produce quality seeds. During the reporting period, 473 quintals of paddy seeds, 75 quintals of kulthi(horse gram) seeds and 60 quintals of lentil seeds were produced by the farmers of these 25 villages.
    3. 95 units of NADEP compost tanks, 101 units of vermicompost tanks, and 91 cowsheds were built. Also, 910 drums were distributed to farmers for preparing bio-pesticides.
    4. Under the Krishi Kalyan Abhiyan launched by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, the centre distributed 550 quintals of paddy seeds, 12,000 units of planting material, 6828 units of soil health cards and 488 units of farm implements in 50 villages. Also, 14,535 animals were vaccinated and 321 NADEP compost units were built in 50 villages.
    5. Nawagarh Gram Panchayat of Angara Block was adopted to develop it into a Model Tribal Gram Panchayat. The following developments were undertaken in this village in collaboration with the Government of India:
  • Solar-powered drinking water tank and overhead water tank were built.
  • Financial assistance was given to a women SHG.
  • Skill development training sessions, cleanliness drives, on-farm trials on crops and cattle vaccination training were conducted. Farmers were motivated to adopt organic farming.

Sargachhi centre started a Krishi Vigyan Kendra to help farmers reap the benefits of modern agricultural technologies.

New Buildings and Installations

A guesthouse was built at Antpur

Asansol centre built Sri Ramakrishna Temple and a building for ITI and coaching centre.

Aurangabad centre built Sri Ramakrishna Temple, monks’ quarters and an assembly hall.

Baghbazar Math built an extension to its vocational training centre building.

Bankura centre built the centenary building on its Kenduadihi campus.

A school building was constructed at Baranagar Mission

The city centre of Belagavi Ashrama was thoroughly renovated and converted to a memorial of Swami Vivekananda. The memorial includes a shrine, an exhibition on Swamiji and an audio-visual theatre.

A new gangway and pontoon-type jetty were set up near Sadhu Nivas at Belur Math.

Chandigarh centre built a temple of Sri Ramakrishna, monks’ quarters and a multipurpose hall.

Chandipur Math built living rooms above the office building.

Coimbatore centre built a prayer hall in the hostel of the Faculty of Agricultural Education and Research (FAR), and a multipurpose gymnasium in the College of Arts & Science.

Cooch Behar centre added a first floor to its monks’ quarters.

Dehradun centre built monks’ quarters.

Gadadhar Ashrama extended its prayer hall.

Garbeta centre constructed an office-cum-library building, a guesthouse and a multipurpose hall.

A prayer hall and monks’ quarters were built at Goa

Gourhati centre built staff quarters.

Hyderabad Math renovated the Gita Darshan exhibition.

Ichapur Math built a dining hall.

Jammu centre built an auditorium.

Jhargram centre built a students’ dining-hall and an extension to the school building.

Kamarpukur centre built monks’ quarters and a multipurpose hall.

A dispensary building was built at Kankurgachhi

Kanpur centre built an office block.

Karimganj centre:

Built a puja mandap and a multipurpose building.

Installed a statue of Swami Vivekananda on its campus.

Khetri centre renovated Fateh Vilas palace and set up Ajit-Vivek museum there.

Lalgarh centre built an office-cum-book-showroom.

Lucknow Math built monks’ quarters. A solar plant and an electric transformer were installed at Lucknow

Malda centre installed a statue of Sister Nivedita adjacent to the main gate of the ashrama.

Manasadwip centre renovated the Ishtananda Hall and Relief Centre.

A first floor was added to the patients’ recovery building at Muzaffarpur

Narainpur centre:

Constructed high school buildings at its tribal development centres in Akabeda and Kundla villages.

Extended the prayer hall and built a boundary wall at all five tribal development centres.

Constructed sixteen living quarters for grade-4 staff and a water tank on ITI campus.

Built 6 Anganwadi buildings in interior parts of Abujhmarh.

Narendrapur centre:

Constructed a primary school building.

Constructed an annexe to the college building.

A prayer hall and monks’ quarters were built at Narottam Nagar.

New Town centre, Kolkata, built monks’ quarters.

Ponnampet centre constructed a building for the naturopathy and yoga departments at its hospital.

Pune centre installed solar electricity generation plant of 50 kW.

Purulia Vidyapith installed a fibreglass statue of Swami Vivekananda on its campus.

Rahara centre constructed an extension to Vivekananda Centenary College building and installed a bronze statue of Swami Vivekananda there.

A poultry building was constructed at Ranchi Morabadi

RKMVERI (deemed-to-be-university) centre:

Constructed a building for Sports Science, Yoga and Fitness Centre. Built residential quarters for faculties and employees.

Sargachhi centre added three classrooms to its high school building and renovated the library.

Sarisha centre built a sales outlet and a study hall.

Seva Pratishthan centre:

Constructed a building for the nursing school and nursing college which will also serve as an annexe to the operation theatre complex.

Renovated two seminar halls.

Shyampukur Bati centre purchased a four-storey building to conduct some of its activities.

A building was constructed for running skill development courses at the Vivekananda Cultural Centre of Shillong

Varanasi centre constructed an extension to the building used as a rest house for patients’ attendants.

Swachchha Bharat Abhiyan

Our centres took an active part in the Swachchha Bharat Abhiyan (a cleanliness campaign launched by the Government of India). The following activities were conducted by our different centres:

Students of the polytechnic college of Chennai Students’ Home cleaned the campus of Sri Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Chennai.

Students of Coimbatore Mission Vidyalayaheld the following activities:

16 cleanliness drives in which a public road, a temple, a school, two government offices, Mettupalayam railway station and office of the forest department in Coimbatore were cleaned.

Awareness campaigns in 5 villages.

Guwahati centre cleaned a school campus.

Kamarpukur centre conducted cleanliness drive each month at Kamarpukur village.

Mangaluru centre held the following activities:

36 cleanliness drives in Mangaluru city in which thousands of volunteers participated.

Awareness about cleanliness was spread among 13,380 households in Mangaluru city by 4850 volunteers.

558 cleanliness drives in many villages of Dakshina Kannada district.

35 seminars in colleges attended by 12,300 youths.

Ramharipur centre built 57 toilets in Birrah village of Bankura district.

Ranchi Morabadi centre undertook various cleanliness & awareness programmes in which 460 people participated.

A cleanliness drive was held by Shillong centre near its Vivekananda Cultural Centre.

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