Activities : Medical Service : 2016-17

In the year under review, the Mission and Math had the following medical and allied units.


Specialised Medical Treatments: The following special treatments were provided by some of our centres through their hospitals, dispensaries, special programmes, camps, etc.

    1. Eye treatment was rendered by our centres at Belagavi, Bhopal, Chandipur, Garbeta, Halasuru, Kamarpukur, Patna, Porbandar, Rajkot, and so on, and at the hospitals in Lucknow, Kankhal, Muzaffarpur, Vrindaban, etc. Besides, many centres have separate eye-department attached to their dispensaries.


    1. Leprosy case detection and treatment was done by Headquarters (Belur Math) and our centres at Chennai (Math), Kamarpukur, Lucknow, etc.


    1. Maternity and child welfare services were provided by our hospitals in Kolkata (Seva Pratishthan), Lucknow, Thiruvananthapuram and Vrindaban and also by some dispensaries.


    1. Neurology department functioned at the hospitals in Kolkata (Seva Pratishthan), Lucknow, Raipur, Varanasi, etc.


    1. Physiotherapy treatment was provided by Headquarters (Belur Math) and our centres at Allahabad, Bhopal, Ghatshila, Indore, Itanagar, Kolkata (Seva Pratishthan), Lucknow, Nagpur, New Delhi, Raipur, Shillong, Varanasi, Vrindaban, etc. The centres at Rajkot and Visakhapatnam have special clinics for providing physiotherapy treatment to cerebral palsied children.


    1. Psychiatry treatment was provided in our Itanagar, Kolkata (Seva Pratishthan), Lucknow, Raipur, Thiruvananthapuram, and Vrindaban hospitals and also by some dispensaries.


    1. Tuberculosis cases were treated at the 150-bed sanatorium in Ranchi, the TB Clinic attached to Delhi centre as also by Headquarters (Belur Math) and our centres at Chennai (Math), Ichapur, Itanagar, Kamarpukur, Kankhal, Lucknow, Malda, Narainpur, Patna, Pune, etc.


Besides, many centres had special departments for dental surgery, ENT, cardiology, pediatrics, acupressure, acupuncture, etc. Many centres provided ayurvedic treatment also.


Medical Camps: In the eye camps, 16,338 patients were operated on for cataract and 6187 of them were given spectacles free of all charges. In other medical camps like Dental, ENT, Cardio-diabetic, Skin, etc, 1,67,560 patients were treated. Under child eye care programme, 17,868 students were examined and 408 students were given free spectacles in different camps. Further, 4203 units of blood were collected from 4472 voluntary blood donors through 83 blood donation camps.

The total expenditure incurred for medical work in 2016-17 was Rs. 234.83 crore.

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