Activities : Relief Work : 2016-17

The Mission and Math conducted several relief and rehabilitation operations during the year. The total expenditure incurred on these was Rs. 41.08 crore (Rs. 3.86 crore in cash and Rs. 37.22 crore in kind). Details of the operations are given below.

Primary Relief


A sum of Rs. 37.80 crore (Rs. 0.59 crore in cash and Rs. 37.21 crore in kind) was spent on primary relief operations to help 11,64,840 people of 5,86,369 families in 9029 villages.


Rehabilitation Work

Aurangabad centre installed 7 water filters in 7 schools, sunk 2 bore-wells, installed a pump set and distributed 380 drums (110 litre capacity) for storing water.

Chennai Mathconstructed (i) a building to be used as a community hall and educational centre, and (ii) 60 low-cost houses at Meliruppu Panchayat area in Cuddalore district which had been affected by floods in November 2015. Moreover, 60 families were given a stove and an LPG cylinder each.

Chennai Students’ Home handed over the following to flood-affected families: (i) 19 low-cost houses, 13 toilets and Sister Nivedita Community Hall at Thathaimanji village in Thiruvallur district (the settlement was renamed Vivekanandapuram), (ii) 14 low-cost houses at Kanchivoyal village, (iii) 40 low-cost houses at Poovalambe village in Thiruvallur district (the locality was renamed Ramakrishnapuram), and (iv) 31 cots and an equal number of racks, stoves, utensil sets & blankets in Thathaimanji village.

Hyderabad centre installed 7 Reverse Osmosis plants in 7 villages and excavated a well on the riverbed in Adalpur village of Ranga Reddy

Ponnampet centre distributed 11 sewing machines. The centre also constructed 3 public toilets at Halligattu Deva colony of Kodagu district.

Pune centre undertook a water conservation project which involved dredging of 5 km stretch of the River Kanadi at Shiur village in Ahmednagar district.

Purulia centre handed over 5 new houses to poor families in Purulia district.

Saradapitha installed two arsenic-and-iron-removal water plants in Nadia district.

Antpur Math distributed 15 rickshaw vans and 175 sets of weaving accessories, Malda centre distributed a tricycle, Rahara centre distributed 4 rickshaw vans and 2 cycle-rickshaws and Puri Mission centre distributed 10 hand-carts.

The following centres distributed sewing machines to the poor and needy. (Number of machines distributed by each centre is shown against its name): Antpur – 46, Chandipur – 11, Guwahati – 6, Khetri – 67, Malda – 7 and Rahara – 8.

A sum of Rs. 3.27 crore was spent on these rehabilitation projects during the year 2016-17.


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