All Kerala Sri Ramakrishna Bhaktasammelan 2022: Kochi

Ramakrishna Math, Kochi, Kerala

10th June 2022
Srimat Swami Gautamananda ji Maharaj inaugurated the All Kerala Bhakta Sammelan on 10th June at 4pm, organised by Ramakrishna Seva Samithi, Ernakulam, held at Ramakrishna Math, Kochi. 28 Sadhus, 6 Matajis from the Sarada Math, eminent speakers, about 600 devotees and more than 100 children participated in the function. Srimat Swami Gautamananda ji Maharaj gave the inaugural address and Swami Swaprabhananda addressed the devotees, followed by Leelageeti – a cultural programme.

Special Youth Program
In connection with Sri Ramakrishna Bhakta Sammelan there was a special program organised for youth. 119 children and 9 teachers from 7 schools participated in the Youth function. The program consisted of two sessions. Swami Narasimhananda did the interactive session based on the book “Swami Vivekananda – His call to the Nation”. The book was distributed to all the children participating in the program five days before the programme. The second session’s topic was “The ideal youth as per Swami Vivekananda ”. This session was done by Swami Virabhadrananda. The main theme of the session was ‘Do you want to be an ideal Youth?’. Maharaj talked about 4 M’s, Manliness, Mindfulness, Meaningfulness and Mastery with examples from the incidents of Swami Vivekananda and Alasinga Perumal. Dr. Latha, Pro Vice-Chancellor, CUSAT, was the Adhyaksha of the program. The children were given refreshment after the program.

Leelageeti, performed by Swami Vinirmuktananda and devotees of Kochi Ashrama after the Aarati. The second and third day of the Bhaktasammelan started with Yoga at 6 am and guided meditation at 8:15 am.

11th June 2022 
Sri Ramakrishna Satsang – 9:15 am to 12:30 pm

In the first session, Sri Mahesh Mohan welcomed the Swamijis and devotees. Swami Swaprabhananda delivered the Adhyaksha speech. Swami Vitasangananda spoke on ‘Sri Ramakrishna and His direct disciples’. Swami Vimokshananda spoke on ’Sri Ramakrishna and Master Mahashaya’. This was followed by Bhajan by Swami Vinirmuktananda after the tea break.

In the second session of Sri Ramakrishna Satsang, Swami Vinishchalananda spoke on the incidents from the life of Sri Ramakrishna & Grihastha Shishyas and Swami Tatpurushananda spoke on the topic “Sri Ramakrishna – Avataravarishta”.

In the afternoon session, Jija Teacher, Sri Sarada Higher Secondary School and team, Thrissur sang Bhajans from 1:20 pm to 2:15 pm.

Swami Vivekananda Satsang – 2:20 pm to 5:30 pm

Sri Mahesh Mohan welcomed the Swamijis & devotees. In the first session of this Satsang, Swami Sundarananda gave the Adhyaksha speech. Swami Narasimhananda spoke on the topic ‘Religion, Rituals and Seva as per Swami Vivekananda’.

There was Sopana Sangeetham by Smt. Sridevi after the tea break.

In the second session of the Satsang, Sri Mahesh Mohan welcomed the Swamijis and devotees. Swami Nandatmajananda spoke on “Empowering today’s youth with Swami Vivekananda’s ideal”. Swami Mahamedhananda spoke on the topic “Swami Vivekananda and Alasinga Perumal”. Swami Naravarananda spoke on the topic “Swami Vivekananda – A Universal Personality”. Sri Joby Balakrishna gave the vote of thanks.

After the Aarati, the Balasangha children of Ramakrishna Math performed a small drama on Swami Vivekananda’s childhood (Bileh).

12th June 2022
Holy Mother Satsang – 9:15 am to 1230 pm

In the first session, Sri Joby Balakrishna welcomed the Swamijis. Swami Akshayatmananda was the Adhyaksha of the session. Swami Vimokshananda spoke about “Holy Mother – Personification of Spirituality”, Swami Brahmaparananda spoke on the topic “Sri Sarada Devi – Ramakrishnagataprana” and Swami Bhadreshananda spoke (Recorded video) on the topic ‘Sri Sarada Devi – A Universal Motherhood’.

After the tea, the second session of Holy Mother Satsang started.

Smt. Jayasree P., welcomed the Matajis. Pravrajika Sumedhaprana Mataji (Sri Sarada Math, Ravipuram, Ernakulam) spoke on the topic ‘Holy Mother and Household devotees’. Pravrajika Nityanandaprana Mataji who was supposed to talk on Sri Sarada Devi – Inspiration to Womanhood was not able to come, hence Smt. P.V. Rajeswari (Principal, Sarada Higher Secondary School, Puranattukara, Thrissur), spoke on this subject. Pravrajika Chetanaprana Mataji spoke on the topic – ‘Nava Durga Roopini – Sri Sarada Devi’ & Dr. M. Lakshmi Kumari (Didi), President, Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation, spoke on the topic ‘ Sri Sarada Devi and Sister Nivedita’. Kumari Sarada gave vote of thanks to Matajis and eminent speakers on the dias.

Concluding Session of All Kerala Sri Ramakrishna Bhakta Sammelan 2022:

The concluding session was presided by Swami Vitasangananda, President, Sri Ramakrishna Bhava Prachar Parishad, Kerala. Benedictions were given by Swami Swaprabhananda, Swami Bhuvanatmananda, Vice President, Sri Ramakrishna Bhava Prachar Parishad, Kerala. Sri Ajith C V, Convener, addressed the audience. On behalf of Sri Mohammed Sherif, Smt. Amita Sherif did felicitation and Sri Ramakrishnan gave the vote of thanks.

The Bhakta Sammelan ended at 4 p.m. with the song “Ramakrishna Saranam”.


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