Antaryogam (Spiritual Retreat): Yelagiri, August 2022

Ramakrishna Math, Yelagiri

Antaryogam (Spiritual Retreat) was organised for a group of devotees from Chennai on 13th, 14th and 15th August 2022 at Yelagiri Ramakrishna Math, where 21 devotees participated. As the train from Chennai arrived very late, the evening Session on the 1st day, that is on 13th Aug, had to be cancelled. Yet after the supper prasad, all the devotees assembled in the Lounge and had a nice interaction with Swami Vimokshananda, Adhyaksha, Yelagiri centre; and Swami Bhaktikamananda, Adhyaksha, Coimbatore Math, who had come to visit Yelagiri ashram for one night stay. His unexpected presence was welcomed by everyone.

The Second day had three Sessions. The First Session started with Mangalarati, Vedic Chanting, Sri Narayana Suktam and Bhagavad Gita chapter 12. After 30 minutes of Japa Yajna, the devotees had the energising “Walk by the Trees” programme, followed by breakfast.

The Second Session had Readings from the Life of Holy Mother on Gurushakti. Swami Vimokshananda explained a few concepts that came up in the Readings. After the bhajans and Japa Yajna, they all had their lunch Prasad.

The devotees were invited to visit the Annai Sarada Vanam. They felt so elated to go round the wooded gardens and saw the freshly grown Teak Wood trees. The Big Well, greenery and the fruit-bearing trees were the attractions to see.

The Third Session started with Japa Yajna, followed by Sandhya Arati and bhajans. Readings were done from Revered Swami Bhuteshananda ji’s book “Deeksha”. As done in the previous Session, Swami Vimokshananda explained some concepts from the book. After the supper Prasad, the devotees left for the night stay at a nearby Hotel.

The First Session of the Third Day started with the Managalarati and proceeded in the lines of the previous day. The Second Session had Japa Yajna followed by Conversations with Swami Vimokshananda on many spiritual topics of interest.

The Group of Devotees left the Yelagiri Ashram by 11:45 am and visited Nattarampalli Ashram. After having lunch Prasad there, they left for Jolarpettai Station to board the train for Chennai.


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