Youth Convention: Purnea, August 2022

Ramakrishna Math, Purnea organized Youth conventions on 04 August 2022 at Kanya Uccha Vidyalaya Bhatta, at Rajakiya Kanya Uccha Vidyalaya Purnea on 05 August 2022 and International Public School Purnea on 8th August 2022. Students gave speeches on Swami Vivekananda’s vision of an ideal India, about the elevation of women and masses through education and culture, and the glory and prosperity of India in cultural, economic and spiritual spheres up to the compilation of 100 years of Azadi. The teachers, the Principal and Swami Jitendrananda also addressed the Sammelan.

04 August 2022 – Kanya Uccha Vidyalaya Bhatta: Around 65 students from class 9 to class 10 and 10 teachers took part in it.

05 August 2022 – Rajakiya Kanya Uccha Vidyalaya Purnea: Around 80 selected students from class 9 to class 12 took part in it. The Teachers, Principal and Swami Jitendrananda of Ramakrishna Math Purnea also addressed the full gathering of 350 students and teachers under the tree. All were given a copy of Vivekananda Sahitya.

08 August 2022 – International Public School Purnea: Around 52 students and teachers participated and delivered their speeches on the subject viz. The Principal and other dignitaries and Swami Jitendrananda addressed the Sammelana.In the end, Swami Vivekananda Literature’s one copy was presented to the participants.

14 August 2022,Ramakrishna Math, Purnea: 80 Students and teachers from many schools and colleges and local citizens took part in it. A few students and teachers spoke about the vision of Swami Vivekananda of Ideal India, about India’s prosperity at its compilation of 100 years of Independence, about the upliftment of women and masses through education and culture and also spoke about the importance of the teachings of Swami Vivekananda in the present day. Swami Jitendrananda also spoke about the need to follow the teachings of Swami Vivekananda for all round development of Youth in particular and mankind in the entire globe. Everyone present was presented with one copy of Swami Vivekananda Literature by Math.

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