COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services By Ramakrishna Mission, Prayagraj

Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama, Prayagraj, is continuing relief services for the affected people at Prayagraj due to the lockdown for the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

On 19 April 2020 the ashrama distributed 2860 kg atta, 572 kg daal, 143 kg soybeans, 286 kg salt and 286 ltrs. edible oil among 286 families at Gau Ghat slum area ( Yamuna Bank Road ).

The ashrama started relief services on 31 March 2020, at old railway bridge Gau Ghat. There is a slum and people lived there are daily labourers, rickshaw pullers, thela-walas. The ashrama distributed 100 ration packets (each packet contains of 8 kg rice, 2 kg dal, 1 kg sugar, 1 ltr oil, 1 pkt of tea) to 100 families.


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