Distribution of Ration kits: Colombo

As part of Covid-19 relief measures to the people affected by the third wave which resulted in a month-long lockdown in Sri Lanka.

Ramakrishna Mission Colombo distributed the following items to 449 families affected by Covid 19 pandemic. These distributions were done in Visuvamadu, Urumpirai, Kilinochi, Vavunia and Mannar of Northern Province, and Norwood, Dikoya of Central Upcountry areas and in Kalutara of Southern Province. Total 8 Villages.

Rice 2986 kgs, Dhal 467 kgs, Flour 1520, Sugar 751, Soya 64 kgs, Nutritious Malt Mix 59 kgs, Milk Powder 71 kgs, Salt 43 kgs, Biscuits 70 Packets, Chilli Powder 7 kgs, Coconuts 164 Nos, Potatoes 120 kgs, Onions 140 kgs, Noodles 46 kgs, Masala Powder 14 kgs, Tea Powder 214 kgs, Detergent Powder 462 Packets, Soap 498 Nos, Toothpaste 50 Nos, and Sanitary Papers 20 Packets, in the month June 2021.

Ramakrishna Mission, Batticaloa, sub-centre of  Colombo Centre, provided groceries and other necessities to the 750 poor families in Ampara and Batticaloa districts under the guidance of District and Divisional Secretaries.

In total 3750 Kgs of Rice, 1500 Kgs of Flour, 750 Kgs of Sugar, 750 Kgs of Pulses, 1500 nos. of face mask, 70 nos. of wash Soaps and 750 packets of Nutrient powder was distributed on June 12th & 29th 2021.

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