Distribution of Tablet PC’s to Home Students : Chennai

The Covid-19 pandemic had restricted the mobility of our inmates like all other students stranded in the remote rural areas, these children had to face unprecedented sufferings. Fear of the `Covid-19’ apart, poverty added to their misery. Back at their native places, they were deprived of the facilities extended to them at the Students’ Home.

In order to cope up with the syllabus in the Polytechnic College and the Residential High School, Ramakrishna Mission Students Home, Chennai had started online classes for the students. It was besieged with difficulties as most of our students could not attend the online classes as they did not have even decent mobile phones to connect with the teachers!

Titan Company Limited and HCL Foundation sponsored for the Tablet PC’s. Thus the centre was able to purchase 630 numbers of ACER make 7” size Tablet PCs with accessories for the students.

ZOHO Corporation came forward to provide the necessary software – Mobile Device Management (MDM) – free of cost to manage these tablet PCs so that the students stay within a secured environment while connecting to online classes via the internet. This software license was given to the Home free of cost.

Tablet PCs were distributed to the Home students for use during online classes. Now we are able to move forward with the educational training in full swing as all the Home students are able to attend the online classes without any hardship.

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