National Nutrition Month: 01 November 2020

National Nutrition Month as on 01 November 2020

POSHAN Abhiyaan (National Nutrition Mission) is India’s flagship programme, launched in March 2018 to improve the nutritional status of children up to 6 years, adolescent girls, pregnant women and lactating mothers to achieve specific targets for reduction in low birth weight babies, stunting growth, undernutrition and prevalence of anemia over next three years.  The following centres conducted various programs under the initiative.

National Nutrition Month

Andhra Pradesh

Vijayawada centre distributed 126 kg groundnuts, 126 kg pulses, 126 kg suji (semolina), 50 kg soya nuggets, 120 eggs, 126 kg cooking oil and 126 kg jaggery among 126 poor and weak women on 25 and 29 September.

Arunachal Pradesh

Aalo centre conducted an awareness camp in the Ashrama premises in which 22 participants took part.

Narottam Nagar centre conducted few awareness camps and distributed 500 gram health drink, 2 packets of biscuits, 2 cakes, and 2 chocolates among 117 children, 8 lactating mothers and 5 pregnant women.


Ramakrishna Mission, Karaimganj, Assam

Guwahati centre conducted an awareness camp on health and hygiene and distributed 200 kits (each kit comprising of a bottle of multi vitamin syrup, a jar of health drink, a pouch of fruit juice, a jar of liquid hand wash, a bar of soap, a packet of detergent powder) among 200 beneficiaries in Morigaon district on 30 September.

Karimganj centre distributed 300 kits (each kit comprising of 350 gram soya chunks, 500 gram health drink, 2 packets of biscuits, a bar of soap and 2 face masks) among 300 families in remote border areas of the district.

Silchar centre conducted awareness camps on health and hygiene and distributed 500 gram health drink, an apple, a bar of soap and a face mask among 570 beneficiaries in 4 different backward places of Cachar district from 22 to 28 September.


Chapra centre organised  a programme on especially on malnutrition besides health, hygiene, nutrition, child care, sanitation and safe drinking water on 4 October among 60 students and their parents.

Purnea centre organised online awareness programmes on  health, hygiene, nutrition, child care, sanitation and drinking water.


Ramakrishna Mission, Chandigarh

Chandigarh centre distributed 200 kg flour, 40 kg pulses, 50 kg potatoes, 40 litres cooking oil, 40 kg salt and 40 packets of turmeric powder among 40 needy families.


Narainpur centre organised 15 awareness drives in different interior villages on nutrition, personal hygiene,  health, community behavioural changes and plantation in September. Further,

    • It screened 557 children in the 0-5 age group and, of them identified 64 severely malnourished children and 47 moderately malnourished children. The severely malnourished children along with their mothers were then brought to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre and provided complementary feeding for 15 days after which a 15% weight gain was observed in the children. The mother of moderately malnourished children were given counselling at the home on complementary food.
    • It demonstrated its model kitchen garden to 14 families.
    • To ensure safe drinking water, water from 20 gram panchayats was collected for testing and 250 hand pumps were installed.
    • To create mass awareness walls were painted with educative messages in 10 gram panchayats.


Ramakrishna Mission, Limbdi

Limbdi centre served milk, fruits, packets of biscuits and sweets among 890 children from 17 to 27 September.

Rajkot centre organised a webinar on health, hygiene and childcare in which 152 people participants on 26 September.

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu centre organised programmes on nutrition, plantation, safe drinking water etc benefitting 700 people across 11 villages and distributed of 500 pieces of assorted garments, 25 pairs of shoes, 50 kg apples, 250 bars of soap and 120 face masks among the poor people from 28 September to 2 October.


Ranchi Morabadi center organised programmes on nutrition, health and hygiene, plantation and distributed vegetable seed kit and guava plants in remote tribal-dominated villages of Ranchi District from 8 to 28 September.


Belgaum centre organised a programme on nutrition at a local FM channel and distributed 2500 bottles of multivitamin syrup among 1250 children.

Bengaluru centre organised awareness programme on personal hygiene, nutrition, child care and safe drinking water and distributed vegetables, hand sanitizers and masks among 100 women and children in Bengaluru on 30 September.

Davanagere centre reached out to Angawadis in the surrounding villages of Davanagere and distributed 425 protein powder bottles, 425 health syrup, 850 packets of biscuits, 850 bars of soaps and 850 bars of detergent soap among 410 children in the age group of 3-6 and 15 pregnant mothers.

Ponnampet centre conducted a webinar-cum-seminar on Holistic Health on 27 September.


Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy

Koyilandy centre organised awareness programmes on health, hygiene, nutrition, childcare, sanitation and pure drinking water among 19 women who were given chyawanprash health supplement and food packets as well as a programme on kitchen garden management among 52 participants who were given vegetable seeds and food packets. It also planted and distributed 300 saplings in public places such as police stations, temple compounds etc on 20 and 27 September.


Ramakrishna Math, Pune

Mumbai centre conducted programs in the small locality of tribals in a remotely placed village in Jawhar taluka of Palghar district on 25 September. It distributed 130 kits (each kit containing 2 saris, 30 sanitary pads, 5 bars of soap, 1 kg detergent powder, 200 gram tooth powder, 2 kg chana (whole chickpeas), 1 kg masoor (whole lentils), 800 gram soya chunks, 1 kg milk powder, a bucket and a mug) among 130 families. Vegetable seeds and saplings also were given for the kitchen garden. It distributed a kit of instruments to the local Asha worker containing 4 weighing scales, 2 baby measuring scales, a thermal gun, a timer, a blood pressure measuring digital machine and retractable metal tape. 35 school children from standards 1 to 5 were given their school workbooks. 25 Anganwadi children were given notebooks. All children were given a pack of six pencils, two erasers, a box crayon and a scale. Along with all were given a packet of biscuit and groundnut chikki. The local Anganwadi was given a 5000 litre tank for water storage.

Pune centre conducted a programme on health and hygiene, nutrition, childcare at a local Maternity Hospital on 3 October and distributed 110 kg jaggery, 55 kg peanuts, 55 kg kharik (dates) powder, 55 kg dry coconut, 55 kg milk powder, 28 kg ghee, 15 kg ayurvedic tonic, 10 kg edible gum, 10 kg Nachani Satva (ragi pudding), 6 kg almonds, 3 kg methi (fenugreek) seeds, 165 bottles of health tonic and 200 face masks among 55 pregnant women and children.


Ramakrishna Mission, Shillong

Shillong centre conducted awareness programmes on spread awareness “Severe Acute Malnutrition” in children, health and hygiene among women and distributed 135 multivitamin syrup, bananas, cake and 270 face masks among 135 children and women on 21 and 29 September.


Ramakrishna Mission, Khetri

Khetri centre organised an awareness camp on child nutrition and hygiene in the ashrama in which fifty parents of poor children participated. It also provided food packets containing bananas, biscuits etc to the participants.


Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Kothar

Hatamuniguda centre organised few awareness programmes on health and hygiene, plantation and childcare and supplied greens and vegetables to the villagers for growing kitchen garden in three nearby villages among 230 participants from 23 and 30 September.

Kothar centre organised an awareness programme on antenatal care, optimal breast-feeding, anaemia, girl’s education, right age of marriage, hygiene, sanitation, safe drinking water and balanced diet etc and distributed fruits and biscuits among the participants on 7 October.

Puri Mission centre conducted awareness programme on antenatal care, optimal breast-feeding, anaemia, girl’s education, right age of marriage, hygiene, sanitation, safe drinking water and balanced diet in the Ashrama premises and distributed health drink bottle and face masks among 50 participants on 27 September.

Tamil Nadu

Chengalpattu centre organised three online awareness programs on nutrition among the students and parents of their three schools from 19 to 21 September.

Chennai Math centre conducted a program on health, hygiene, nutritive food etc and distributed health drink, 500 gram multigrain powder, packets of multigrain biscuits, 500 gram jaggery powder, 200 gram dates etc to each of the 400 students and ladies participants at its schools in Chennai and rural health centre at Meyyur.

Chennai Mission centre organised various programs on health and hygiene, nutrition, childcare, safe drinking water, sanitation and plantation at the three higher secondary schools from 1 to 30 September.

Chennai Students’ Home centre conducted programs on health and hygiene, nutrition, childcare, safe drinking water, sanitation etc and distributed kits (each kit comprising of 4 kg assorted pulses and a packet of sweet meats, a packet of masks and bars of soap) among 420 families in September. It also organised an online quiz on malnutrition and diet among children from 27 to 30 September.

Coimbatore Mission centre organised six programs on health, nutrition, kitchen garden, indigenous medical practice and indigenous health practice among 50 children and 163 women from 22 September to 3 October.

Kanchipuram centre organised a program on health, hygiene, nutritive food etc and distributed kits (each kit comprising of 500 gram multi grain powder, 500 gram jaggery, 200 gram dates, 100 gram dry grapes and 100 gram dry fig fruit) among 202 poor pregnant ladies.


Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad

Hyderabad centre distributed1200 kits (each kit comprising of millet mixture, chikkis [nutritious sweet delicacy], dates, and ragi biscuits) among pregnant women in most backward areas of Mahaboob Nagar and Adilabad districts and seeds for vegetable cultivation under the kitchen garden project in Ranga Reddy district in September.


Agartala centre conducted online awareness programs with 100 participants on 1 October.

Uttar Pradesh

Kankhal centre organised awareness programmes on nutrition, hygiene and healthy lifestyle for patients and their attendants as well as for hospital staff and distributed fruits and pamphlets on national nutrition month among the participants. An online session on “integrated wellness science and practice” was also organized in which more than 70 people participated.

Vrindaban centre organised an awareness programme on health, hygiene, nutrition, childcare and environment in September.

West Bengal

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sargachhi

Antpur centre conducted seven health awareness camps on health, hygiene, nutrition and childcare from 21 to 30 September among 596 participants.

Bagda centre distributed 500 gram health drink to 150 needy children on 29 September.

Bankura centre organised a number of awareness camps on health, hygiene, nutrition, childcare, safe drinking water, sanitation and plantation in collaboration with a local hospital and distributed kits (each kit comprising of 1 kg chira, 500 gram pulses, 500 gram jaggery and 500 gram health drink) among 382 participants from 23 to 30 September.

Baghbazar centre distributed food packets, sattu (powdered gram), snacks, packet of biscuits and snacks among 130 slum dwellers, mid day meals among 30 children, protein milk with precooked noodles, bars of soap, packets of detergent powder, tubes of tooth paste and coconut oil bottles among 30 children of slum dwellers and food packets among 100 widows and old age people from 1 to 30 September.

Baranagar Math distributed 500 gram milk powder, packets of biscuits and cakes to each of the 266 beneficiaries on 3 and 18 September.

Baranagar Mission organized a mother and child welfare camp and distributed 72 water filters, 85 face shields, 90 tiffin packets (each packet comprising of egg, bread, banana, guava and milk powder) among the beneficiaries. It also treated 72 patients and distributed free medicines.

Barisha centre organised a programme on health and hygiene, nutrition, childcare, safe drinking water, sanitation, plantation etc on 21 September at its premises in which 61 students, 46 mothers and 7 teachers participated. Rice, pulses, chira, potato, soya chunks, bars of soap, hand sanitizer and face masks were distributed among the participants.

Bajepratappur centre, Bardhaman, organized health, hygiene and child care awareness programs and distributed nutritious food, face masks, bars of washing soap and hand sanitizer bottles among 100 mothers and children participants belonging to the backward sections in Purba Bardhaman district in September.

Cossipore centre conducted sanitation in local area, conducted awareness programs on health and hygiene, nutrition of mothers and children, plantation and distributed nutritious food packets and clothings among 135 children of the nearest slum area.

Gadadhar Ashrama, Kolkata centre distributed nutritious food and hygienic kit (each kit comprising of 2 kg rice, 300 kg pulses, 500 gram health drink, 200 gram soya chunks, a tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, 500 gram detergent powder, 50ml bottle of hair oil, a bar of soap and a pen) among 23 children on 8 September.

Gurap centre conducted monthly paediatrics camps for the children and adolescent girls, weekly homeopathic camp and monthly general allopathic camp with free distribution of medicine, nutritious food, hand sanitizer bottles, face masks, umbrella and dress materials among the poor children. It has installed water purifier for the all children and general visitors at the campus.

Institute of Culture, Gol Park, Kolkata centre distributed milk, biscuits and cakes among the poor children, disabled and aged persons in the adjoining locality and installed two water purifier and chiller machines at its campus for the general public in September.

Kamarpukur centre distributed 250 kg milk powder, 100 kg biscuits, 1000 eggs and 1000 face masks among 500 beneficiaries in Hooghly district from 17 to 29 September.

Purulia centre conducted awareness programmes on health and hygiene, nutrition, child care, safe drinking water, sanitation and plantation and distributed milk, eggs, packets of biscuit, bars of soap and face masks among 180 mothers and children from 22 to 30 September. Two duly qualified doctors examined them and distributed allopathic medicine. Saplings were also distributed as a part of the tree plantation programme.

Sargachhi centre conducted seminars and awareness programs on health, hygiene, nutrition, infant and young child feeding, sanitation etc and distributed milk and food packets to the participants. It also cleaned a pond near the ashrama and provided training for making nutritious food to mothers.

Seva Pratishthan centre conducted a programmes on antenatal care, complimentary feeding, food fortification, balanced diet, health, hygiene, infant and young child feeding as well as a plantation drive to promote kitchen garden in September.

Taki centre conducted two programmes on health, hygiene, nutrition, childcare, infant and young child feeding, safe drinking water and plantation among 101 participants on 26 September.

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