National Nutrition Month : Koyilandy

Rashtriya POSHAN Maah in September 2020

In accordance with observing Rashtriya POSHAN Maah in September 2020, Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy organised a series of programmes for creating awareness regarding health, nutrition, drinking water, sanitation & addressing environmental issues. These were done in two phases.

In the first phase, a programme was organised to plant and distribute on 20 September 2020. 300 saplings in different public places like police stations, temple compounds etc.

In the second phase, 2 other programmes were conducted in the morning & evening sessions, on 27 September 2020. In the morning session, a programme was conducted which was attended by 19 women. Dr. Varsha (MBBS, M.D.) spoke on issues regarding health & hygiene, nutrition & child care along with sanitation & pure drinking water process. The attendants were given chyawanprash as a health supplement along with food packets and booklets of holy Trio at the end of the programme.

In another programme for creating awareness and promoting the Kitchen Garden, Mr. Sushil Kunnmmal (Agriculturist) spoke in the evening session which was attended by 33 persons. He addressed issues like kitchen waste management, organic manure processing and enhancing productivity in the vegetable garden. At the end vegetable seeds, food packets and booklets of holy Trio were distributed.

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