National Youth Day 2022 : Jaipur

Ramakrishna Mission, Jaipur

On the occasion of the National Youth Day and Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Vivekananda Vak Pratiyogita, a speech competition on Swami Vivekananda was organized by Ramakrishna Mission Jaipur on 12 January morning in Vivekananda Cultural Hall. The programme started with Vedic chanting by the monks followed by lamp lighting ceremony by Swami Devaprabhananda along with other dignitaries. The whole speech competition was conducted in two groups – juniors and seniors. A total of seven participants took part in the junior section. It was interesting to listen to the speeches of small kids reciting the quotes of Swamiji and speaking about the topic. In the senior section the number of participants were larger. A total of sixteen students participated which was much more than what was anticipated.

There were three judges — Dr. Vikas Nautiyal, Mrs. Shipra Mathur and Mrs. Uma Mehra. Among the judges Dr. Nautiyal as well as Mrs. Shipra Mathur also addressed the students and inspired them. Dr Nautiyal spoke about the reason for celebrating the National Youth Day and why it is called National Youth Day. Mrs. Shipra Mathur talked about the importance of our own language Hindi in expressing ourselves. She took up a few incidents from Swamiji’s life and showed how he was above all caste and religion and treated everyone the same. He talked about Tesla and other people in scientific communities who were inspired by Swamiji. Finally, Swami Devaprabhananda gave the vote of thanks and stressed the importance of Shraddha in our life. He also stressed to lead life to its completeness and importance of character in the life of youth along with selfless service.


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