National Youth Day 2023: Rajkot

A Youth Convention was organised on 12 January 20223 as a part of the National Youth Day celebration organised by Ramakrishna Math, Rajkot. Around 600 youth participated.

Dr Darshita Shah, Dy. Mayor and MLA of Rajkot; Shri Sanjay Raval, Popular Motivational Speaker; Swami Guneshananda ji, Minister-in-charge, Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre, Lusaka (Zambia); Swami Aryananda ji, Ramakrishna Math, Bhubaneshwar and others delivered inspiring speeches and encouraged the youth to read the books of Swami Vivekananda and follow his teachings for obtaining success, happiness and peace. The question-answer session was exciting and helpful. Inspiring videos were shown during the audio-visual session, and the youth enthusiastically sang the chorus song. All the participants were presented with a set of books by Swami Vivekananda and a participation certificate.

  Morning Session –

  Evening Session –

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