Nutrition Programme: Baranagar Math

Ramakrishna Math, Baranagar has been conducting Daily Milk Distribution Programmes amongst 150 nos (approx.) children and poor old persons in and around Baranagar from a very long time. To cater to their nutritional needs, every morning the Ashrama would serve them one cup of hot milk (each approx. 300ml) and bread/bun.

Presently as per Covid-19 safety protocol, to prevent the daily gathering, the Ashama is running these programmes fortnightly and distributing milk etc to them in such a way so that they can manage with these for 15 mornings.

On 18 September 2020, the Ashtama distributed milk powder (1packet each=500 gms), biscuits (1 packet each=300 gms) and cake (1packet each=45 gms). There were altogether 133 beneficiaries of which 38 were children, 34 Males & 61 Females.

On 3 September 2020, the Ashrama also distributed milk and biscuits to 130 beneficiaries.

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